08 Dec 2013 21:17:28

Abouzar Mohammadi`
Hi there dear Kyau & Albert, I really love all your musics especially Northern Star and Another Time, and it is necessary to say that am a trance remixer and I wanna offer some of my radio shows to you. If you accept please answer me. Cheers a lot. Kisssssssssssssssssssssssss, bye.
01 Nov 2013 23:34:25

Rune Alexander Laursen
Hey guys! i love your music.!
like everybody else, i would love to see you in my native country, norway.!
its always a pleasure to tune in to your newest EPSession, always a great listen!
thanks guys! :)
01 Nov 2013 21:28:16

congratulations,you are the best!!!
Love from Milan,Italy...We wait K&A!!!
20 Oct 2013 00:12:24

hey guys, love your music and podcast to the core. kindly do come to Kenya tooo
11 Oct 2013 23:08:48

You guys should come play a set in Minneapolis, MN (US) sometime! There's a great trance family out here that would love to hear you guys!
06 Oct 2013 20:18:55
Hey ihr 2 Süßen! ;-)
Wir freuen uns mega auf Dresden.
Endlich mal wieder!!!! Bis 19.10.
Kanns kaum erwarten :p
30 Aug 2013 06:39:52

Come to CANADA Toronto needs to show u guys some love too! Fans are waiting!!!!<3
21 Aug 2013 23:42:16

I love your music for years guys, and your latest album is just awesome !
17 Aug 2013 22:33:06

Dan's Beer Draft PicksAmerican Style LagerBudweiserBrooklyn LagerInternational Style LagerStella Artois (overrated but i cant think of anything else) IPA/APAThree Floyd's Pride and JoyBells Two <3Wheat BeerHarpoon UFO White UnfilteredBlue Moon (honestly from Tap, its still awmesoe)Dark AleHonestly can't remember if i've had anything like this except Guinness .my young taste buds are still adjusting expanding my palate, if you know what i mean. Wild CardBells Amber AleUpland WheatHope I did well on my picks.
11 Aug 2013 12:23:47
Seattle loves you <3
Such a PHENOMENAL set!
29 Jul 2013 22:11:23
Tolles neues Video!
Kann man fragen, wo es gedreht wurde?
28 Jun 2013 21:04:52
When will you come to Poland? We miss you :'(
<3 :-*
10 Jun 2013 22:46:00

Adam Roberts
Hey guys love your podcast have listened to every episode for like 4 years. I left the link to my Bands soundcloud it would be so crazy if you guys did a remix. Thanks again for inspiring me to mix my style of music with electronic instruments.
02 Jun 2013 14:18:53

Wollte mich mal auf diesem Weg für eure monatliche "Euphonic Session" per E-Mail bedanken. Da ich keine "I (phone,pad,...)-Sammlung" habe, bin ich über diese Möglichkeit eure Musik zu hören, sehr froh.
Glückwunsch auch für eure neue CD ,bleibt euerm Stil treu.
MfG Jörg
28 May 2013 10:46:16
Hey ihr 2
1. Eure neue CD ist der Hammer! Die Stimme gefällt sogar meinem Liebsten ;-)
2. Seid ihr diesen Sommer mal wieder in Deutschland auf Tour?

LG Moni
17 May 2013 09:35:35
Saw you guys tonight in DC at MUTE. Greatest concert of my life! Thanks so much for taking a picture with me afterwards! You guys are amazing!
09 May 2013 08:49:26

Star iTrance
SO stoked for the 18th! Can't wait to share an IPA with you both. You stole my heart again at Lucky and I'm so glad to see you for the 4th time at Whiskey Bar in 10 days!
08 May 2013 15:49:09
We own the Night got an awesome video boys!!
When is the club mix being released? Wanna play it out ;-)
04 May 2013 21:27:25

Andrew Peplow
Its always a epic time hearing you guys live!! Keep up the good work!! Thanks
17 Apr 2013 20:40:04

Always a fan. Love from Greece.
11 Apr 2013 18:36:34


I like you guys, also your tracks. But your taste in video clips (All you colors) is suboptimal. Not worth the nice track. Hope you dont mind. Greetz
03 Apr 2013 03:21:29
mexico?? :)
27 Mar 2013 03:54:01

You lads really rock! Or should I say you lads really trance?! LOL! Either way, keep up with the good job in bringing out the best of us through the outstanding music level you thankfully continously insist to deliver!!! Cheers and Up Up Up!!
22 Mar 2013 09:28:22

I've made A NIGHT LIKE THIS my waking up alarm, and it's not a torture anymore to get out of bed early in the morning! :) Keep listening to your part in AB TATW 400 and can't get enough of it. Warm (literally) hugs from Dubai!
19 Mar 2013 20:35:00

Hi ihr beiden, sagt mal wie kommt's, dass ihr in Halle (Saale) auftreten werdet??
15 Mar 2013 18:05:50
Guys thanks for your wonderful music! We really need you to come to China soon!!!
14 Mar 2013 01:30:18

Nelson Lopez
I entered trance music with your song "Made of Sun", "Are you fine", "Kiksu" and others. Since then, I have listened to every single song you till now.
I would really like you to please visit El Salvador, I can guarantee that you will not regret about it. I simply love your music guys.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully, I will get to go to one of your concerts here @ El Salvador, Central America 503!
27 Feb 2013 17:10:31
Love your music/productions and podcasts guys!! Could you please put up the tracklist for December 2012 (not the Best Of 2012 show, but the other Dec 2012 show)? There are some tracks on there I want to hunt down, esp. the mix of "Wonder" that you guys spin!! Can't find that version on beatport or anywhere else... Thanks!!
26 Feb 2013 08:44:27

please come to MEXICO guys
21 Feb 2013 15:04:02
Listening to your music while making my way from Kazan, Russia to Ko Pangan, Thailand to take a peek at Full Moon Party! You guys are amazing, loooking forward for new music!!
17 Feb 2013 11:56:37
Thank you! <3 since around 2005 ! Life is good.
17 Feb 2013 06:45:27

Kit Thurman
I really like the new album. Thank you!
15 Feb 2013 06:32:55

Wade Thompson
Hi I purchased the Nights awake album on Beaport, I Really wanted the "open Your Eyes" K & A mix to be on it! How do I get it?
15 Feb 2013 05:53:53

Wade thompson
Hi earlier in January I asked about the "open my eys" k & a mix. I just purchased the entire nights awake album beatport and realized that it's not on there. Do I have to buy the hardcopy CD to get that track?
03 Feb 2013 14:52:41
"Nights Awake" ist einfach nur klasse!! Könnst stolz auf euch sein. Danke
01 Feb 2013 07:33:43

Oguz Ton

I've made a new mashup. I'd be glad if you'd like to listen it:)

Mark Sherry vs. Tonerush - Gorilla Tour's Trailblazer (Oguz Ton Mashup)


D ownload: vs.%20Tonerush%20-%20Gorilla%20Tour's%20Trailblaze r%20(Oguz%20Ton%20Mashup).mp3

Best regards,
Oguz Ton
22 Jan 2013 10:47:50

Estiva - Smiley Smilesworth - WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! AMAZING TRACK!!!
14 Jan 2013 11:35:51
K&A mix of 'Open My Eyes' will be on the NIGHTS AWAKE album CD.
12 Jan 2013 03:51:25

Wade Thompson
05 Jan 2013 16:50:24
Due to the very very high traffic on our 'Euphonic Sessions' podcast in the last months, we got limited by our web hoster today :-( We're trying to fix this asap! So please download the January podcast from our Soundcloud. Alternatively use the LOGIN...
Benutzer (USER): downloadarea
Passwort (PASS): key2filedl
03 Jan 2013 22:05:35

DJ Anckur
hey! the new jan'13 podcast is not free/open download.. i have a subscription to your podcast since almost a year now in iTunes. but for the jan podcast to download, its asking for a username and password... now whats this all about? have you'll started charging for the monthly podcasts? :((((
03 Jan 2013 20:21:17

Hi, Im trying to download your podcast from apple store, i cant download as a message is being prompt that i have to login to secure page
kindly advice on how to download your podcasts
23 Dec 2012 04:57:43

Well, my day begins with your music, When im running at the gym, all i listen to is your podcasts...and when im driving back home, well its you guys again...thank you for the lovely music and hugggs <3 you guys just make everyday happen for me :)
06 Dec 2012 14:09:39
When comes the new album? When will we hear preview tracks? Cant wait :-)
27 Nov 2012 02:51:31

Dj Nogarn - planette side
dans le prochain épisode de Planette Side, 1 heure consacrée a ces deux artistes de génie que sont Kyau et Albert
21 Nov 2012 05:19:39

I Love You (All that is Kyau&Albert : )
♪♪♥♥♪♪♥♥♪♪♥♥♪♪♥♥ ♪♥♥♪♪♥♥♪♪♥♥♪♪♥♥♪ ♪♥♥♪♪
24 Oct 2012 04:36:27

Superbus - All Alone (Seven Lions Remix)
21 Oct 2012 16:35:05

Cip Nervozaur
Hey guys, just wanted to drop by and thank you for all the great releases you've put out over the years! I hope the rumors are true and i will get to see you LIVE the following month in Bucharest! <3
18 Oct 2012 19:46:51
Detroit erwarted euch!
01 Oct 2012 11:09:51

I would like to know the open my eyes lyrics!! :( <3
24 Sep 2012 10:31:31
Is it true that you releas new album soon?
Love You xxx
12 Sep 2012 14:12:15
Sobald etwas 100% steht, geben wir bescheid!
12 Sep 2012 14:10:54
Next week :-)
12 Sep 2012 10:20:03
When will you release remixes of winner??????
27 Aug 2012 18:55:58
24 Aug 2012 16:35:30

Martin Ballack
Ist dieses Jahr noch was in Sachsen geplant?

Lg.aus Görlitz
23 Aug 2012 12:15:58
hey jungs!
ist für 2012 noch was in sachsen geplant? dresden? bautzen?
gruß franky
p.s. another time is ne bombe!
11 Aug 2012 16:03:03
Fixed! Pls send again. Sorry
11 Aug 2012 10:32:56

Matthew Field
Hey! The e-mail address where we should send our remixes of "another time" is full and can't recieve any more mp3s as attachments. Any souliton? Could we send a download link insteed?
11 Aug 2012 03:44:54

Great job on the radio show !!! it's crazy awesome :) can't wait to see you electric zoo festival new York city !!!
07 Aug 2012 02:25:26

Audio Technik
i cant open the pdf file included with the remix pack so i dont know where to send my remix. please help me
28 Jul 2012 10:58:33

@ tomsen
Have you read the PDF called PleaseReadFirst which is in the ZIP with the remix parts?? ;-)
27 Jul 2012 05:59:07

Ryan minnozzi
Come back to you guys:))
24 Jul 2012 20:53:29

wie kann ich euch meinen remix zukommen lassen ?
lg goov
07 Jul 2012 15:59:31

Benjamin Roodhouse
05 Jul 2012 10:14:24

Manu K.
Danke für euren Newsletter! Wirklich tolles neues Video, schöner Text und Song sowiewo. Und bei euren Auftrittsorten wird man schon ein wenig neidisch ;-) Gönns euch aber sehr! Ihr könnt stolz auf euch sein. Aaaber... Leider ist wieder nichts in eurer Heimat dabei :'(

Nun meine Frage: Wird man euch denn in den nächsten Monaten mal wieder in (Ost-)Deutschland zu sehen bekommen? Nach Dresden konnte ich leider nicht kommen... :'(

Liebe Grüsse
Eure Manu
04 Jul 2012 18:18:15

Blair Hamilton
Hey guys , saw you at edc a few weeks ago , amazing set , I see you used some of the video content you took at edc on your new video , do you have any more videos from there ?
P.s when are you coming to scotland ? :)
04 Jul 2012 09:48:38
When is 2 "Another time" at iTunes on sale?
26 Jun 2012 22:15:08

love your music. one of the best ever.
26 Jun 2012 21:08:46
26 Jun 2012 16:59:31

Saw you or the 1st time at Luminosity beach festival and besides technical difficulties I was amazed! Thank you.
Here's to hopefully another one this year hopefully. Love you guys. <3 <3
20 Jun 2012 12:46:21
Hallo Jungs!
Könnt ihr mir schon sagen, wann "Another time" rauskommt? Auf Youtube sind ja nur live Mitschnitte. Video gibt´s wohl auch ;-)
Macht weiter so! Alex
14 Jun 2012 12:09:32
07 Jun 2012 15:54:11
EDC!! Please play A NIGHT LIKE THIS <3 can't wait!!!!!!!
13 May 2012 04:11:42

Sylvain Levasseur
Now I open my eyes
And you are here with me
Without you I would fall
Now I open my eyes
I need you here with me

What is the next sentence please ???
03 May 2012 12:47:02

K&A I cannot wait yo see you guys at Electronic Daisy Carnival this year!! I hope you guys play Be There 4 You as well as Velvet Morning... I have yet to hear Velvet Morning live. Keep up the amazing work guys
28 Apr 2012 08:34:36
gr8 remix for ronski!! can't wait for may session
23 Apr 2012 12:32:43
Trance Radio Stations Online
14 Apr 2012 13:15:03

I just attended my FIRST Kyau & Albert show in Los Angeles tonight, and I am SO SO SO happy I got to see you in person. Thank you for all the GREAT music, and I sent you my voice ID. You guys truly are WORLD-CLASS music talent, so congratulations and thank you for the music!
12 Apr 2012 19:57:37
Ich liebe dich <3
09 Apr 2012 23:02:43
Great song with PvD!! Come to Florida
07 Apr 2012 11:41:45
Schönes Gast-Set bei TATW! Und eure Nummer mit Paul van Dyk ist der Hammer, nur man findet nirgendwo Infos darüber :'(
Könnt ihr mir da helfen?

Liebe Grüsse
01 Apr 2012 12:57:42

Hi Kyau & Albert you are making so Great Music wen is your next Date in Germany
24 Mar 2012 18:09:57

Hi, I'm from México City. Kyau & Albert i love your music since i've heard 'Are you fine' and now 'This Love' ufff excellent guys, keep the good trance coming! #TranceFamily #InTranceWeTrust
23 Mar 2012 09:12:14
Gibt es schon mehr Informationen zu euer Party in Dresden?
Liebe Grüsse
23 Mar 2012 06:05:07

Hi! Please tell me your date of birth!
14 Mar 2012 23:14:31
Hi, hab in der SZ gelesen, dass Ihr im Mai auf einer Euphonic-Geburtstagsnacht in Dresden seid. Könnt Ihr schon genaueres sagen. Wann und wo? Ich hoffe, dass ich dieses Mal dabei sein kann :-) Viele Grüße, André
10 Mar 2012 15:37:41

darrren grimley
hi there kyau & albert i have just got you cd in the post your 15yr one but i can not reed you names that y i payed for your cd to have names on the cd can you HELP AND GET BACK TO ME THANKS BUT THE CD IS WICKED
09 Mar 2012 21:55:56

Please listen to my music on myspace
08 Mar 2012 05:40:15

frankie lottering
hey there guys!!! love your stuff! since the first podcast i have been hooked on your music!
when you going to come visit us in south africa!!!!
02 Mar 2012 03:04:46

wooooow i just cant stop listenin to your remix of above & beyond ft z j you got to go... ohhhhhhh im in love u are the best for vocal remixes.
01 Mar 2012 10:21:10
You gus should change your video director, cause he SUCKS. Great music with shitty videos :( :(
22 Feb 2012 23:31:44

Guys, when you are going to visit Prague!? you leave close )) come on. wait for you
21 Feb 2012 14:06:57

Alan Connor
Sending you guys much love and thanks for supporting the music. Appreciate the spins you gave "Stone Cold".
17 Feb 2012 00:03:05


Hi from Sweden,
where are you playing in the next weeks? When do you update the DATES? Thanks.
12 Feb 2012 09:46:45

Thanks for great set in Ufa city!
Kyau & Albert we love you!
11 Feb 2012 07:44:01
Hey guys, I love the music you guys produce! Come to Houston, Austin or Dallas! You'll love it in Texas!
06 Feb 2012 12:06:55
Thank you guys for a best trance music ever
28 Jan 2012 16:47:35
When comes the 15 YEARS ALBUM CD?? Where can I get it?
Danke :)
17 Jan 2012 23:22:54
THIS LOVE is unbelievabel!!!!!!!!!!
11 Jan 2012 12:39:15
Cannot wait for the album!! :-)
10 Jan 2012 00:19:04
Hi guys

Just wanted to say LOVE LOVE LOVE your work, keep it up and hope that you come back to Auckland, NZ as that was one of the best nights I've had.

Happy New Year!!!
09 Jan 2012 18:20:31

Thank you so much for using my voice message!
05 Jan 2012 16:29:25

hallo guys, sie sind meinen liebligsten Duo. Frohes Neues Jahr aus Bulgaria!
04 Jan 2012 13:42:20

Happy New Year!

from saxony ;)
30 Dec 2011 02:27:39

Guys you will record "Euphonic Sessions January 2012"? or "Euphonic Sessions - Best of 2011" already is podcast of January? Just very interesting)))
28 Dec 2011 08:41:08

Merry Xmas guys!!!!!! My best wishes to you and your families over this xmas period!

Can't wait to see you in Sydney, i'm couting down the days!

Keep up the good work and as always!

Much love to the #trancefamily
23 Dec 2011 13:06:29
I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
12 Dec 2011 13:05:07

Michael Perkins
Hey Ralph and Steve, super excited for your Sydney Show on Jan 28th.... Going to be amazing.....
08 Dec 2011 17:44:26
I have been listening to ya'll for the past year....coincidentally I was introduced to you while listening to TIesto radio on Pandora. You guys are great. Congrats on 15 years. The song "Outside" is definitely one of my favorites. Thank you
06 Dec 2011 17:44:44

Ros Ingleby
Hi guys, I met you in Vegas in August when you played Rain (or was it Moon, ??). Then Kyau won on the roulette table - do you remember? Can't believe I missed you coming to the Ministry of Sound, I am gutted. You guys gave such an amazing show. I will not miss you again.....
06 Dec 2011 03:42:50
Hello guys, im a massive fan from Nairobi KENYA, i love yu guys, i love ur music so much!!! i look forward to ur mixes every month, and yu never dissapoint.

Thanks for your hard work. much love
28 Nov 2011 13:50:02
Great set at TATW 400!!!
24 Nov 2011 22:07:35

23 Nov 2011 23:20:21
what are you gonna play at tatw400? your next single?? ;-)
19 Nov 2011 16:24:54

Hello! Best regards from Poland!
18 Nov 2011 10:58:07

Hello Kyau and Albert, Friends you are the greatest, you make incredible music. I love you even when i heard for the first time "Save me" years ago. Congratulations for your new track "A night like this"-that is amazing. I wish you all the best! Greetings from Bulgaria!
15 Nov 2011 10:56:05

Just heard your Kyau & Albert - Once In A Life (Tritonal Remix) on A State Of Trance! Currently dancing around my office playing this one loud! can't wait till Friday! Dam i'm excited!
13 Nov 2011 11:10:32

Hallo Grüße aus der Heimat von den neuen Nachbarn
09 Nov 2011 16:32:41

Hi guys and you can find out what program you're using to write his tracks?? And you can take your vocals?
07 Nov 2011 18:05:10

Hello, I´d like say you THANK YOU VERY are great really EXCLUSIVE...when I heard you first time years ago at Ostrava city(CZ) with my friend when we didn´t know you. Until this moment I can say you have still very high standart of quality of music which you produce. You are really great...i So I wish you all the best for future...and once again THANK YOU !!! Bye Petr . . . oohps: where I can upload greetings which you use at Euphonic session. I know that it probability that you will use is very very low but maybe...THX
06 Nov 2011 12:32:17
when will you release ARTY mix of R U FINE?
04 Nov 2011 20:42:35

kocham wasze kawałki ! Albert maq świetny glos , nie mówiąc juz o talencie kyau`a .. :D kiedy wydacie cos nowego ? czekam na swoj orginalny kawaklek :)
02 Nov 2011 22:36:03
Super the november podcast
You are best!
02 Nov 2011 20:08:41
Amazing track 'A night like this', support 100%
Greetings from Spain!
20 Oct 2011 13:32:30
You rock, Love the HIP HOP Part in your actual Euphonic Session. You wont hear such stuff in Sessions of other well known DJs. Your brave, i like it ;) Greetz
14 Oct 2011 16:33:01

ogni volta che metto i vostri podcast viaggio di bella! mi regalate momenti di riflessione e di viaggi mentali incredibili da pelle d'oca! speriamo prima o poi in una tappa italiana!
12 Oct 2011 19:38:52

I am having some issues with the header image in Chrome

<a href=" orough/196009"> ticle/Attleborough/196009</a>
04 Oct 2011 09:51:11
Kemnitz war richtig geil hätte ruhig länger gehen können bis 6 oder so ;)
03 Oct 2011 21:24:04
Thanks for the great set in Kemnitz! Again a really wonderful gig in your homeland. Hope to see you soon in saxony!
03 Oct 2011 10:09:18

Kemnitz war der Knaller!!!
Der Weg in die Heimat hat sich mehr als gelohnt! Macht weiter so!!!
30 Sep 2011 14:07:04
kemnitz wird der knaller!!!
wir sehen uns. spielt bitte outside und save me für mich :)
28 Sep 2011 06:44:56

Robert F.
You guys make some of the most beautiful music and heartfelt lyrics. I've only discovered trance 3 years ago but all your classics and new remixes give me goosebumps. All the best wishes from Denver, USA to you both!
24 Sep 2011 21:50:44
Keep up your unique style, guys! You both are absolutely my favorite DJs! The music you create and choose to play are the perfect melodies for any day, any time. Hope to see you in Los Angeles soon. Take care and can't wait to continue listening to your new podcasts each month.
23 Sep 2011 15:00:02
You guys are amazing! You've got to come over to Beijing!
23 Sep 2011 14:02:46

Hi Guys! Love watching your videos on Youtube! Esp. a "Night Like This'! Your best tune so far is probably gotta be Once in a Life(time)! One of the best and the freshest tunes around... anyway.. what is the name of the versions which are the official videos for both the tunes? U see.. 3.5 mins of the official videos on KyauAlbertTV on Youtube just isn't enough for these Epic Tunes! Want the download links if possible for the full versions! :) cheers.. keep making the globe groove!
22 Sep 2011 19:22:32

Andrzej WG
The best djs on the world!!
22 Sep 2011 16:54:07

I love your trance-sound. the world needs more then ever positive (music-)vibes.
21 Sep 2011 13:02:38
Freuen uns alle auf Kemnitz mit K!!!
Wann fangt ihr an?

Bis dahin
19 Sep 2011 10:16:17

Ed Olvera
I Love Euphonic Sessions! They're the best and always trying to make me dance. I would love a hugr favor, if you guys play "Good for me" by A&B @Nocturnal and your next podcast session! A dedication to my girlfriend Denise Hazel! Love you guys, see you at Nocturnal. [[
13 Sep 2011 16:20:49
Kyau & Albert come to Australia!
09 Sep 2011 12:30:47


hey kayu and albert!

Come to sweden soon or atleast near sweden so i can go see you!
25 Aug 2011 04:53:00

Would love for you guys to come to Dallas, TX. Been rockin out to you 2 for the last 2 weeks straight.
15 Aug 2011 09:16:48
Kyau and Albert are heros!
Come back to India soon
You are the best!!!!!
11 Aug 2011 04:06:32
Not trying to be creepy or anything, but I look just like you, Albert, in this photo

Thank you so much for the amazing trance you have given us!
10 Aug 2011 20:47:40

08 Aug 2011 22:54:42
Hey Ralph and Steve,
really loving the new version of Always a fool!

Do you plan new versions of Hide & Seek and Are you fine???
02 Aug 2011 11:26:14

Luis Lazaro
Wow a night like this is amazing :) you guys are too good!!! By the way come down to Southern California i will make sure to sellout a show :)
28 Jul 2011 02:00:50

hi Guys,
i'm From Argentina to say that in the other side of the world we are pleased with your music, please let us know when you ll be here !
23 Jul 2011 13:30:22

Robert Pietsch
Hey Guys,
I'm really looking forward to tonight's event @ Voodoo Club Bautzen.... hope it'll be a fantastic set and a night to remember.
21 Jul 2011 21:53:44


21 Jul 2011 08:32:02
Ferry Corsten played your new song A NIGHT LIKE THIS three times in his radio show!!

Good job :-)
19 Jul 2011 10:00:12
grüße an euch, schönes interview in der sz. gratulation zum jubiläum. mario
17 Jul 2011 14:07:36

hallo jungs kommt von euch auch mal wieder ein album raus das währ echt super!!!!!:-)
04 Jul 2011 18:13:48
Jeden Monat freue ich mich auf Eure Sendung :-p
"A Night Like This" ist so genial!

Kommt mal wieder zur Nature!!!!!

Sarah <3
02 Jul 2011 16:18:43


Euer Juli Mix sorgt grade dafür das ich an einem ziemlich miesen Tag den Kopf oben halte :-)

Dafür vielen Dank ;-)

PS: Wo ist die 4 in der Playlist ? :-D

28 Jun 2011 16:02:49
Love you guys! Hide & Seek will forever be one of my favorite tracks of all time. Come to Edmonton soon!!
21 Jun 2011 20:30:09

Love you guys!!! Ur podcast is absolutely awesome!!
Counting down the days till I see you @ Electric Zoo.

Vic xoxo
08 Jun 2011 14:00:31
we miss you on the sandy beaches of kenya!!!
please come back!
happy 15 year anniversary lads!
05 Jun 2011 11:57:56
It was great night in Kraftwerk Mitte. Greetings from Czech rep. Very nice mix.
02 Jun 2011 22:06:49


hab euch gestern im kraftwerk in dresden gesehen und war echt voll coole mit dem abhoten zu euren sound's... :o)
ich dank euch für den supi genialen abend... :o)
lg magicyv
01 Jun 2011 10:00:01

Hey guys!
I've noticed your flyer for MINISTRY OF SOUND on a few websites, so thought its only fair you guys have it on yours too! 4/June%2017th%20Header.jpg

Not long now till we party!
Really looking forward to seeing you all!

20 May 2011 21:41:22
Schöner Artikel in der SZ. Aber hier steht darüber garnix auf der Seite :(
Wir sind auf jeden Fall in BZ dabei!
Schönes Wochenende und viel Spaß in St. Petersburg
17 May 2011 09:33:09

Hello, superdjs.
How many times have you performed in St. Petersburg (Russia)
10 May 2011 23:28:38


Hallo Kyau & Albert, ich weiss natürlich ganz gut, dass ihr kein Jukebox auf Wunsch seid, aber, ganz ausnahmsweise, ich bitte um Track "I LOVE YOU (original mix)", ich möchte dies Hammer Track LIVE erlebt. Euer Fan aus Prag
10 May 2011 04:11:04

Aron Colula
Hey Kyau & Albert
I'm from Mexico and just to say thanks 4 coming, the party was amazing. Your music sends me to the sky is incredible.
Please come back soon. Greets
08 May 2011 22:47:45

You guys!! You guys literally destroyed the "Forum de Beyrouth"!! I cannot describe how HUGE your set was..truly amazing!

Thanks a lot for coming to Lebanon and making yesterday such an unforgettable night. I hope to see you again real soon.

Peace and lots of love, and best of luck in all your future projects =)
06 May 2011 07:28:09

Jamie LA
I <3 KYAU AND ALBERT!!!!!!iiiiiiii!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3
05 May 2011 17:54:11

Hi !!! thanks for coming in Mexico !!! see you soon :D
27 Apr 2011 19:36:17
Hi, hab grade entdeckt, dass ihr am 01. Juni nach Dresden kommt. Super Sache. Und gar nicht mal soooo lange hin. Freu mich schon. Viele Grüße.
20 Apr 2011 13:37:09

hey kyau and albert

mal grüsse dalass wir hatten uns bei PaulvanDyk´s Reflections Release Tour in Dresden 2003 Alter Schlachthof getroffen ihr habt mir da noch nen Autogramm auf ein Vandit Aufkleber gegeben :-) war auch einer der wenigen die euch beide erkannt haben, hoffe ihr macht mal wieder ne CD

Greetz sagt ron
15 Apr 2011 21:35:05

leticia perez alcocer
hola yo soy una chica de mexico que tiene poco tiempo que se que ustedes han trabajado por mucho tiempo y mas ahora que este 29 de abril de este año vendra a mexico a su presentacion les deso una bienvenida afectosa ya que por falta de recursos economicos no podre asistir al se show
13 Apr 2011 14:06:58

Matt Muchy!
Hey Kyau and Albert I'm from Nairobi, Kenya and i just want to let you guys know that you killed it at the NYE party, Sundance. I hope you guys will come back really, really soon.
You guys rock major! Mad respect =)
02 Apr 2011 14:15:24
Eure neue Radioshow ist heldenhaft!!!!

Bin extrem auf die Mixe der alten Sachen gespannt und hoffe sehr, ihr beehrt uns bald mal wieder in der Hauptstadt =)

30 Mar 2011 03:43:34

Kyau and Albert,
My fiance and I had an awesome time at AjunaBeats!! You both rocked so hard we had to go to A/X the next day!! Way to go both days you made our vacation wonderful <3 I wish you both the best of luck and health. Looking forward to man shows to come. Thanks!!
Love, Chrissy
23 Mar 2011 04:40:03

Hello Kyau & ALbert,

My boyfriend, Mike, has constantly been checking up on you and your music and has seen you in concert when you came to Montreal in October and even before, in 2009.

It will soon be his 24th birthday, May 12th, and I thought that a possible great gift could be me getting him tickets to one of your shows in Montreal or Ottawa ... however I see that you have none scheduled for now... therefor, do you think it would be possible for you to send a signed cd or something, even a private e-mail, with birthday wishes this May? I know he would be shocked. Fully blown away.

Thank you :)

oh and he has converted me over to your music now too lol ;)
21 Mar 2011 20:06:53

Michele Carneiro
I hope to always follow when playing in Recife, since I heard you, follow them and admired! Unfortunately on day 19.3 (Club Nox) asked a song (you okay?) and not heard, we will leave the next! Much success and peace to you!
13 Mar 2011 23:31:51

Hey, at Saturday, March 12, I was in Louny and I have not seen better action!I expected a lot, but this is not really, you started off amazing.I hope you get out there again.This is a best party of this year!!! :)))I hope you get out there again.

10 Mar 2011 06:43:08
Been listening to your shows of iTunes, keep them coming.
02 Mar 2011 23:40:15

Love love you guys so much! <3
Keep the awesome choons coming!
02 Mar 2011 06:47:22
Thanx for March Euphonic session!

Love the new single :) kool
27 Feb 2011 18:02:26

Hat euch schon mal jemand gesagt, dass ihr einer der besten Trance DJs seid? Nicht weil ihr einfach gute mucke macht. Es ist auch die Art wie ihr sie rüberbringt und kreirt. Man kann sie hören, wenn man traurig ist oder einfach happy, Sie strahlt die Sehnsucht nach mehr aus und zeigt uns dass es mehr gibt als man sieht. TRANCE THE WORLD!!
hoffe man sieht sich in dresden wieder
23 Feb 2011 18:02:59
I want to wish Gerardo Delvo a happy birthday!
16 Feb 2011 20:30:49

ich hoff ihr kennt den Weg nach München noch :-) bin wie versprochen noch am ackern euch was in nem angesagten Club zu organisieren. Aber ich lob den Tag mal nicht vorm Abend... bis dahin rockt mal schön den Globus ;-)
16 Feb 2011 09:01:59

Heard your mix (Barbizon) again last night in an underground gig, not only do i hear your music in the WORLDS BEST CLUB MOS but in underground too!
Take care guys
13 Feb 2011 13:00:35

Amazing set in Ukraine!
Thnx guys!!
05 Feb 2011 11:12:16
Moin Jungs!
Erstmal ein riesen Lob für euren Podcast!

Und dass ihr im März in Louny seid, ist übelst geil. Da das nur 60km von uns weg ist, weil wir direkt an der tschechischen Grenze wohnen (bei Marienberg) werden wir mit unserer Partey-Meute dort aufschlagen und freuen uns extrem darauf, da wir euch letztes Jahr leider in Dresden verpasst haben.

Also bis denn und macht weiter so!
04 Feb 2011 19:56:11

Der Remix von Stoneface und Terminal zu Painkillers ist der Oberwahnsinn! Danke für so super Track!
03 Feb 2011 21:30:45
Februar 2011 ist die beste Euphonic sessions überhaupt!! Weiter so Jungs. Einmal im Monat ist viel zu wenig :(
28 Jan 2011 11:39:36
Mal schauen, ob es klappt... Sobald etwas konkret wird, werden wir es der Öffentlichkeit nicht vorenthalten ;-)

Ralph & Steven
25 Jan 2011 23:07:32
Ist bald wieder was in der Heimat geplant?
23 Jan 2011 21:25:14
amazing show at vision yesterday!!!
23 Jan 2011 12:42:58
Many thanks for coming to Chicago!!!

What an experience to see you guys perform :)
21 Jan 2011 16:32:41

21 Jan 2011 13:49:30

@ Poja
Sorry, we never write playlists at gigs :-/
21 Jan 2011 13:47:41

@ Natascha Schwab Germany
Indeed, got request to play at Mayday, but already had confirmed a gig in Mexico this date. Maybe next year :-)
21 Jan 2011 13:45:28

@ Tascha
Dirty Vegas - Pressure (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)
21 Jan 2011 11:02:41

hi guys. i need your help. i am searching for a track in your set. Mayday 2009
the guy is singing "show me your secrets and ill show you mine" " more that i want you, more than i get"
i hope so much that anybody know this song.
i love it sooo much.
20 Jan 2011 15:21:55

Natascha Schwab Germany
i hope sooo much you guys will come to mayday in Germany.!!! only you it wouldnt so much fun. i love your music. please come!! thx
17 Jan 2011 16:45:08
HI GUYS..thanx for coming to kenya u guys were super awesome on new years at mombasa..pleaseplease please can i have the playlist of new years diani, mombasa..
thank u
come again to kenya
we love u and so does kenya
16 Jan 2011 20:30:24

I had a great time guys (I'm the boy with the "emo after six hours of dancing", messy hair) Your performance was amazing. Please come back to Guatemala some time!
16 Jan 2011 17:56:45

i need painkillers after last night's show.. totally blew me away! you guys were amazing.. come back to guate soon! ;)
16 Jan 2011 14:29:14

Rod Morales
15 Jan 2011 20:48:32
Hey Jungs, höre eure Sets wirklich gern. Ihr seit dufte und eure Konzerte Klasse.
Etwas Kritik lass ich trotzdem mal hier. Die Voice Messages während der Euphonie sessions sind zwar nett gemeint stören aber die tollen Tracks und nerven eigentlich nur. And quality does matter ;)
Gruß vom Fan.
15 Jan 2011 14:05:18

Hallo Kyau & Albert,
bin vielleicht nicht auf dem neuesten stand, aber wollte mal fragen, ob für dieses Jahr ein neues Album geplant ist. Zeit wäre es meiner Meinung nach ja wieder ;)

Gruß Patrick
12 Jan 2011 21:16:45

Hi Kyau & Albert, You are number 1 on my DJ list. I love the freshness of your music. It is so easy to fall into the repetitiveness of trance but you guys never disappoint. Keep it coming. Kal
11 Jan 2011 20:47:24

hey, ne fotografin aus bautzen hat mich letztens gefragt ob ich wohl mit steven möbius verwandt wäre, weil mein nachname gleich is und wir uns wohl angeblich ähnlich sehen würden. hat mich irritiert und da dachte ich ich forsche mal nach...naja, deswegen bin ich hier gelandet. glaub aber nich dass sie recht hatte ;o)
gute musik aber, weiter so!
08 Jan 2011 03:42:50

Ismael (ELMAIS)
Please... come to Mexico!!! January is my Month! :D Saludos!
07 Jan 2011 23:45:43

Proggy Boy
Hey guys, I wanted to ask u! Is there a chance, that I will hear u live..over here at Czech Republic? Prague at best? Somewhen this year, maybe this half of this year? :)
03 Jan 2011 18:11:34


Hey Guys, i love your musc, your productions, your remixes and sets. But the new single Barbizon is so simple... i dont like it! I listened to "made of sun" "kiksu" "as you fall remix and and and... Please go back to this style!!

Anyway love u guys!!
02 Jan 2011 11:36:46
Kyau & Albert you rocked diani beach NYE 2011!!! now u got a taste of the kenyan EDM scene!!!! hope to see u soon!
30 Dec 2010 12:35:12
new barbizon track sounds like fruity loop samples from 2001. don't like it you can do much better music than that. otherwise I wish you happy new year!! :) ;)
29 Dec 2010 18:02:21

Really love the new track guys, wanted to wish you a happy new years and hopefully we all get what we wish for, if true i'll be seeing you guys in the new year!

28 Dec 2010 22:11:44

Dominic Shields
thank you for the many years of top trance you 2 are the driving force behind my own production career. LONG LIVE KYAU & ALBERT YOU ARE FUTURE PERFECT!!
28 Dec 2010 22:07:54

you are the pinnacle of trance music. your everything I aspire to be your music is so unbelievably awesome. THANK YOU KYAU AND ALBERT!!!
20 Dec 2010 22:21:59

welcome to sweden next year! hope you guys bring your hardest arsenal and toughest beats! we are waiting for a proper wake up!!
18 Dec 2010 20:18:13

Moin Moin !

Wollt hier mal nen Eintrag mehr hinterlassen, hoffe bei Euch ist alles gut ?

Beste Grüße


check out my new website :
09 Dec 2010 21:32:29


Nunu ! :)
08 Dec 2010 16:46:14


die Euhonic night in Dresden war geil! Hoffe auf Fortsetzung im nächsten Jahr... :-)
06 Dec 2010 15:58:31
So glad you guys are coming to NYC!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I'll be the one crying tears of happinees. :-)
04 Dec 2010 23:51:45
Also ich muss sagen Ihr seid der hammer°!!Hoffe ihr habt bald auch mehr gigs in Germany Würd mich freuen,Weiter so!!
09 Nov 2010 04:30:02
Just found out you guys (or maybe just 1 of you) will be in NYC on Saturday Dec 11th!!! I can't wait !!!
06 Nov 2010 12:08:55
Wir sitzen fleissig daran und werden dann so schnell wie möglich veröffentlichen. So wie es aussieht, gibt es auch wieder ein Video dafür! ;-)

Ralph & Steven
05 Nov 2010 17:07:05
Soeben im euphoinc newsletter gelesen. Wann kommt eure neue single? Gibt es wieder ein video dazu?

Gruss Henry
18 Oct 2010 07:46:36

Hi Ralph and Steven.
Thank you for put music to my travel in Canada.
I´m working in IMAX doing a Film and all morning I listen Painkillers and much more.
17 Oct 2010 13:38:16
3 Stunden Kyau & Albert = 3 Stunden fliegen
Dresden wir kommen!!!!!!
13 Oct 2010 13:54:25

Hi kyau vs Albert am extremely eager,to assist ur concert.U r really g god,Ur musics are extremely fabulous.
10 Oct 2010 10:17:43
08 Oct 2010 10:15:00

Euer Rmx für Faithless feat. Dido - Feelin Good ist von einem andern Stern! Perfekt!
Grüsse aus der Schweiz
07 Oct 2010 22:02:00
I'm looking forward to the Euphonic and Friends Night at 'Blauer Salon' Dresden. I'm sure it will be as great as last year. See you! André
06 Oct 2010 02:59:12

Alexandre Medvedev
Hey guys thanks so much for playing my voice message on your October show! Hope you come back to Calgary soon!
04 Oct 2010 21:28:39

Khushil Shah
HI..KYAU AND ALBERT!!!! Ministry of sound was a great night...would like to say hi from all my friends Aurangzeb, Toto and my self...we Wait for new years eve now!! Flying back home for new years..from all the people in Kenya we welcome you to the SOft sandy beaches...DIANI!! NEW YEARS 2010-2011!! can not wait!! HAKUNA MATATA
04 Oct 2010 13:00:01
Hi guys!
Greetings from the UK just want to say that Euphonic Sessions is fantastic and keeps getting better with every episode! Keep up the good work and will see you in the UK soon!
24 Sep 2010 15:47:10
check it out guys! I've compiled some of my favorite K&A tracks into a full length mix, a sort of 'best of' compilation!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
18 Sep 2010 19:29:12

[tegareg] Speedy
jus wanna say heyyyy!!!... big up to kyau and albert!!!! besttt team!!!
13 Sep 2010 17:44:23

Cindy De Nil
Hi guys!
I went this wkend to your Euphonic & friends night in Köln. As a surprise my boyfriend got his friends to put our names on your guestlist. So, when we were driving to his home, we stopped to take a bathroom break. Then all of a sudden, my boyfriend told the surprise: that we were driving to Köln for your night. I was EXTATIC! I couldn't believe it at first, but when we arrived it was real alright :D It was a FANTASTIC night, you guys ROCKED the place :) I even got a picture with Kyau, so that made my night ofcourse :D Thanks again! Untill next time! Liebe!
11 Sep 2010 14:48:05

Oliver Bieche
Hallo ihr beiden. Das war ein richtig geiler Abend gestern. Schade für euch das so wenig da waren aber es lag garantiert nicht an eurer Musik (das Set war super). Für alle die gestern nicht da waren, IHR HABT WAS VERPASST!!!!! Die Location war toll :), klein aber gemütlich. Vielen Danke nochmal für die Einladung und wäre schön euch mal wieder in Nrw zu sehen.
11 Sep 2010 04:06:23

David Schuster
Sehr gelungener Auftritt heute in Köln! Die Musik war einfach Klasse, die Stimmung sehr gut und den Gästen in der Elektroküche hat es sichtlich Freude bereitet einmal Live dabei zu sein. Leidet konnte ich nur bis etwa 03:00 Uhr bleiben, die Arbeit ruft :D
08 Sep 2010 14:22:18

sehr geile show bei sunshine gestern!
05 Sep 2010 01:33:04

Leovardo Siqueiros
Guys come to Los Angeles California!!
My favorite podcast is from 2008!!

Euphonic Sessions 22-09-2008!!
03 Sep 2010 18:12:51

Felipe Fialho
You Have a great talent! I Went to the show E-Nation!
Good luck in the vote on DJmag 2010!
02 Sep 2010 20:35:04

Yoo man , whats up ?
u both are a really good DJ !
LOVED your concert in e-nation festival in recife brasil !
i took a picture with u guys , here is the link , idk if u will remeber hahah ! .snc4/44440_156064644408910_100000161272532_576820 _5103004_n.jpg
02 Sep 2010 20:32:53

Henrique Areia
Dude , you both are freking awesome ! like really good ! loved listening to u guys in E-nation music festival in recife , i took a picture with u guys after the concert , idk if u will remember , but u should come back soon everyone here liked u guys !
02 Sep 2010 19:01:02

nick macdonald
hey you guys are brilliant, way beyond what people are doing now! Love it and live it cant wait till you guys come back to Massachusetts, USA we miss you guys here !!!!
02 Sep 2010 13:30:09

hi guys, you are great
your music is fantastic, when I listen this tune i feel incredible airly;)
keep fit
greetings from Subcarpathia (Poland)

31 Aug 2010 20:35:16
P.S. Die Single ist traumhaft!!
31 Aug 2010 20:33:20
Kyau vs. Albert oder Kyau & Albert, wie ihr jetzt nennt :-)
Ich habe eure neue Single auf Ostseewelle gehört und bin fast aus den Latschen gekippt. Euch gibt es immer noch (wieder)!!
Als ich dann eure Seite gefunden habe, war ich total erstaunt, dass ihr auf der ganzen Welt unterwegs seid und ich das überhaupt nicht geschnallt habe.
Wann sieht man euch mal wieder in Norddeutschland?
Alles Gute
Eure Anja
31 Aug 2010 15:18:38

Michele Carneiro
Hey! You are addictive!!
31 Aug 2010 00:55:08

Larissa Maciel
I just wanna congratulate you guys, to the amazing performance at E-Nation ( Recife - Brasil)! I relly loved it!!!!! We took a picture together! I wanna show you! See ya!
30 Aug 2010 21:05:09

Michele Carneiro
AH! I'll never forget you guys! THE BEST EVER! EVER! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! And if you understand something, please! Send one e-mail! I am very ashamed, my English is terrible! 'm sorry again!
30 Aug 2010 20:44:41

Michele Carneiro
Destroyed in the E-NATION, sorry English very bad ... I'm dreaming of you coming to Recife! I loved kissing the cheek of you lol ... remember?! I guess not ... anyway ... TO ME YOU ARE THE BEST! Number one among the TOP 100 DJs! I love you guys! And sorry again broken English. ;)
29 Aug 2010 15:26:48

Kyau and Albert ---> you are the best.

Painkillers -> I love it

Greetings from Poland.

Lukas. ;)
15 Aug 2010 01:19:20
15 Aug 2010 01:07:58

14 Aug 2010 22:17:56
pleeeassse put that track in your next euphonic sessions: The Hundred In The Hands - Tom Tom. cool originaly shaken electronic sounds :) :)
13 Aug 2010 13:21:05

You were AMAZING in Vegas! I just saw the video diary - at 1:22, my boyfriend is jumping up and down and I'm holding up a <3 (heart). Love you guys. Fantastic set! Keep it up! (And thanks for the autographed stickers!)
10 Aug 2010 15:47:29

Where do I send a promo track to you guys.
04 Aug 2010 21:24:22

K&A, haven't had the pleasure of hearing a live set, so this weekend at the Circus...its about to go down.
03 Aug 2010 13:32:26

Kann mich meinen Vorgängern nur anschließen-voll Klasse das Ihr mal in der Heimat wart-klasse Set-macht weiter so-Danke!
02 Aug 2010 20:11:50
Fands Klasse Euch mal in der Lausitz zu erleben, hoffe Ihr seit regelmäßig near Dresden und net nur on tour auf dem Globus ;-). Der Gig war super, danke!
01 Aug 2010 20:57:30
Schön, dass Ihr es mal wieder in Eure Heimat geschafft habt. Euer Set beim DNA-Diskozirkus war wieder großartig! Danke!
31 Jul 2010 13:32:53

Hi Guys,

Just watched your Gig in Germany (Litten) yesterday and it was simply amazing...

Your set had so much power, cant describe in words.. :)

ive become a big fan of you guys in the last years so keep on doing that fine music :)

Hope to see you soon

29 Jul 2010 21:19:53

Wow. Painkillers ist soooooo schön!
Macht weiter so :)
Eure Britta
26 Jul 2010 05:53:15

hi !! i made a bootleg of the track are you fine :D
this is the link of the preview :) i hope u like it
20 Jul 2010 18:50:26


20 Jul 2010 08:28:23

You guys are great. Can't wait til you come to my area. Keep it up!!!!!!
18 Jul 2010 13:56:06
@ Richard: It was Yenn 'Monzen' - out on Euphonic :-)
17 Jul 2010 23:01:42


Am trying to find out what the track is that was played first at the Luminosity Beach Festival, very nice melody.

17 Jul 2010 16:52:55
Hi there very nice music I Love It :-)
Greetings from Switzerland
16 Jul 2010 10:28:48

You guys are Awesome!!! Love to hear ur music always...keep on rocking ...
15 Jul 2010 03:45:14
Thank you for your voice!!! Amazibg tunes!!! still play "are you fine?"
Russia, Smolensk
13 Jul 2010 03:39:39

Canada ( montreal )
10 Jul 2010 12:12:42
Attended your show @ Pune (Le Meridian-India) on 09/07/2010 and ever since became big fan of Trance music ... continue rocking the world with your cool music !!
08 Jul 2010 22:36:53


Hey Guys,

I really like your sessions!
See you @DNA on July!
08 Jul 2010 13:36:55

Hey guys, just wanna say that your show was fantastic last saturday. u guys rock so hard, really great!!

Please come back more often to Holland. :)
29 Jun 2010 13:24:56

hey, please what´s name of this track you played on Saturday 26th June in Prague? thx
15 Jun 2010 18:59:32
Hey Guys,

there is a technical issue if you try to get on without "www." .
Just wanted to tell you that.

Best wishes
13 Jun 2010 13:18:30

I am The biggest Kyau and Albert fan Forever! The new website is really super :D
07 Jun 2010 17:02:31
Go to our offical Facebook! There (Box 3 between 'Info' and 'YouTube Box') you find all the 2010 radio shows for download...
Direct link: l?v=box_3

Ralph and Steven
07 Jun 2010 13:09:45

Hi K&A
Can you please please please upload your shows/ podcasts in mp3 format as well.
I would really like to subscribe to your shows but I dont like using i tunes.
There are millions like me as well who cant get ur music because of this.
lease help. Thanks.
05 Jun 2010 11:39:58
hey guys... just wanted to give a big thanks for such a great monthly show, and also for the 5 or 6 vinyls i have in my collection... i still play made of sun!!! cheers!
26 May 2010 15:17:17
See you in Las Vegas on July 24th!!
Ralph and Steven
23 May 2010 21:23:15
Come to Las Vegas
14 May 2010 23:30:28

danke schön für die geniale euphonic & friends night in berlin.
wir sehen uns am 30. juli in bautzen
grüße aus dresden
14 May 2010 01:14:45

Jose Liquet
Kyau & Albert , without a doubt my favorites ! and my music of choice when i excersise! I went to see you when you came to Puerto Rico, in '09 at the soundfields. didnt really knew who you guys were, but someone that made mi jump as much a you guys, have to be really goood haha , please come back !!!!! - Jose
12 May 2010 00:52:36

Jose Fernando
"I Love You" one of my fav songs ---Come to Guatemala!!!!!!! Saludos!!! :D
11 May 2010 22:20:43
Freue mich gigantisch auf Euphonic & Friends in Berlin.
Das wird die PARTY DES JAHRES!!!!!!
19 Apr 2010 00:54:58

Thanks for another great night in Fabric!!!:) Waiting you in Ostrava again:)
18 Apr 2010 21:03:07

you guys are AMAZING! i can listen to you at any time of the day and listen to the podcasts over and over! you guys have to come to california & perform for 18+ :)
14 Apr 2010 20:08:34
Berlin Berlin Berlin - wir kommen!! :-)
08 Apr 2010 21:54:25
wo findet man die lyrics zu 'once in a life'?
könnt ihr die nicht mal hier veröffentlichen?

04 Apr 2010 14:54:01

Scarlett from Germany
Once in a life is great!
04 Apr 2010 14:10:29

Daniele from ITALY
I love the club mix of once in a life! Keep the good work guys, and hope to see you in Italy soon! :)
01 Apr 2010 02:54:10
Once In A Life is awesome!
31 Mar 2010 03:57:38

Sebastian Schmidt
der termin für machac 2010 steht fest! ich hoffe ihr werdet wieder gebucht!!!
oder ein anderer dj bzw dj team von euphonic!
letztes jahr war sehr geil gewesen.
wäre schön euch dort wieder zu sehen.
grüße von euphonic friends aus dresden.
30 Mar 2010 12:26:19

Coole neue Seite!!! Die neue Single is auch mal wieder der Hammer. Könntet ihr mir bitte auch mal den Songtext von "Once in a life" senden?
Gruß aus der Heimat(Radeberg)
29 Mar 2010 21:05:12

awesome set at circus disco a few nights ago
[img] sh1/hs428.ash1/23705_382355526850_504891850_438286 5_3554814_n.jpg[/img]
28 Mar 2010 12:32:09
nice site and at last a great new single, but why euphonic session is played automatically and you can\'t switch it off !!!
24 Mar 2010 21:48:34
Poppin' in to say hello. Love the new look for your homepage. BTW, we'll see you soon in OC!! ;-)
23 Mar 2010 00:36:13

Hubert (ProLogic Music)
Nice new web guys!!! Really nice!
18 Mar 2010 05:14:21
fätt, fätt, fätt jungz 1. berlin event am 12. mai 2. once in a life 3. homepage Chapeau !
17 Mar 2010 18:49:46


wow!!! very cool design guys :-)
your euphonic sessions are huuuge!
17 Mar 2010 08:32:09

hurry up and come back to the UK!
My 21st is coming up and i want you guys around for it!
New website is lush! keep up the good work guys!
16 Mar 2010 22:38:28
Once In A Life is really cool!
The video is a great idea! :-) You guys are amazing!! I love your mixes, its pure energy!!!
09 Mar 2010 14:18:49

Lyrics Once in Life pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
send me send me send meeeeee pleaseeeeee :D
08 Mar 2010 20:39:11
Eure neue Single ist der Hammer!!
Absoluter Hit!!! Das Video sehr originell.
Drücke Euch die Daumen!
05 Mar 2010 21:41:50
Love the mixes guys!
So happy I just discovered you have a podcast =D
Come to Toronto please!
05 Mar 2010 10:47:39

Hellooy! Thanks for doing this lovely music, which save my day to day :) i hope u come some day to finland!
have a nice day. :)
26 Feb 2010 16:37:32

Mikael Persson
So nice music.. Keep on!
22 Feb 2010 17:02:43

Come to Barcelonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
20 Feb 2010 19:01:31
I Love You - what a track!!!
Who does the female vocals??
She sounds hot! ;-)
Keep up the great work!
09 Feb 2010 17:30:56
Wann wird das komplette lineup für Berlin 12. Mai veröffentlicht?
06 Feb 2010 13:02:19


05 Feb 2010 21:03:59

i love you guys kyau and albert and your music!! please keep up the good work and PLEASE COME TO NEW YORK OR LOS ANGELES!!
03 Feb 2010 17:54:28
hello guys...when will you release your new lifetime track????? I heard it in ekwador in poland, really nice :) :)
20 Jan 2010 21:31:56

Der Remix zu As You Fall ist der mega Kracher!
Ist zufällig schon raus, ob und wann er released wird?
Weiter so in jedem Falle!
20 Jan 2010 15:48:40
Wir sehen uns in Berlin!!!! :-)
15 Jan 2010 20:14:39

Angel Nava
I seen you guys perform at Electric Daisy Carnival Last Year! You guys are amazing!!!!!! Hope You Come To California soon!!!!!
11 Jan 2010 21:01:52

Hi! Euer Set an der TATW 300 Party in Moscow ist für mich das Set 2009!! Beim Autofahren reiss ich fast das Steuerrad ab! Haaammmer sound!!
Alles Gute im 2010, Grüsse aus der Schweiz
23 Dec 2009 04:43:41

21 Dec 2009 13:19:02
jingle bell jingle bell rock Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring
07 Dec 2009 19:40:14
cool video!!!
07 Dec 2009 18:07:40

Chris Toph
wollte sagen das euer Auftritt am Samstag im Dragonpark der Hammer war !
Macht weiter so !
24 Nov 2009 21:29:23

vanderweyden peter
i love you what a masterpiece respect
12 Nov 2009 18:36:42
Omfg!!! i Love you guys soooooo much you need to come and rock the clubs in miami!!!
LOVE Giovania ;)
12 Nov 2009 18:33:52
I love you guys. Please come to Miami!!
06 Nov 2009 22:39:36

Michael Bidegain
Hello from Chicago and the guy with the black hat.
06 Nov 2009 08:42:41

De Kimpe David

ddekimpe (at) gmail (dot) com
He guys,
I like the new song " I Love You " . Something else but nice.
Thanks for this.
greets from Belgium
03 Nov 2009 17:31:19

Kathy Vitkus
I look forward to the new Euphonic Sessions as always but I have to say I'm still thoroughly enjoying the current month's session! Great job on that one - thank you for our listening pleasure!
01 Nov 2009 19:28:51

hallo ralph & steven!
eure neue single ist wie nich anders zu erwarten, wieder ein mega teil!
wann kommt sie genau raus?
vg martin
19 Oct 2009 14:34:04

Hey Jungs, super Musik.
Hatte euch 2002 in Leipzig auf dem Marktplatz das erste Mal live erlebt und ihr wart der Hammer.
Lg Linda
17 Oct 2009 18:54:35

Danke für Euer starkes Set am 10.10.09 im Blauen Salon in Dresden! Einfach überragend und ein Fest für Freunde der elektronischen Tanzmusik! Lasst Euch bitte öfters mal in der Heimat sehen.
Viele Grüße aus Zittau und alles Gute für Euch!
15 Oct 2009 01:23:30

Kristy Boeger
Hey guys! We are looking forward to seeing you again in San Diego on the 23rd. We have a whole crew this time :)
See you soon -
13 Oct 2009 01:01:02

Da wohnt man nur paar km entfernt von Löbau (bei Weißenberg) und hört eure Musik schon seit vielen Jahren, aber erst der Blaue Salon machts möglich, euch mal live zu hören und zu sehen :)
Das war eine ganz ander Welt, mal auszuklinken von der Elektroszene der Lausitz, selten gehen die Djs so ab hinter dem Pult wie ihr, der Ralph war ja kaum zu bremsen - springt er immer so rum - sehr genial wie ihr da die Masse angeheizt habt :)
Ich hab echt damit gerechnet, das es gut wird, wie ihr da auflegt, aber wie genial das doch wird, das übertrifft echt alles.
Viel Spass in Hongkong.
P.s. Wir haben öfters mal Löbau gerufen :D
Bis bald.
11 Oct 2009 13:07:12

You should register at Vkontakte.Ru :)
It's a social network like Facebook but for all ex-USSR people. There are already registered Daniel Kandi, Marcus Schossow, Matt Darey etc
So here is the link:
Cheers! :)
02 Oct 2009 19:03:08
when we can hear your new album ?! ? ! :> :> :> 3 years since wordvibe :) :)
28 Sep 2009 06:40:16

dennis tuong

krazi3_vi3t (at) hotmail (dot) com
by the way i voted for u guys top 100.
Kyau & Albert future #1 DJ in the world...
Remember to play that song in your set or else ill choked =) !!
19 Sep 2009 17:29:32

craig davis

hi saw you live in prague in the duplex about 3 years ago thought you was bloody amazing at the end ov the set you came out and passed me a cd positive ways 4,that night will stick in my memory for a long time to come was the best night i had had for a long time in a club and you guys rocked the first mix when they tried to do the fog horn and you stopped them made my nite and set it up for the awsome set that you pulled off once again thanks for a great nite always be a fan just hope i can catch you again at soom point in the uk if time and money will allow ,keep rocking they why you do ,peace and love craig
18 Sep 2009 20:19:39

Hello guys!!
I came hear to say THANK YOU for the wonderful night at Eazy, in São Paulo, Brazil!!
I danced a lot, loved all songs, and I took some pictures with you to post at my facebook =) Awesome!!
Have a good stay in Brazil!!
São Paulo - Brazil
10 Sep 2009 19:22:33
Hallo Jungs,
ich freue mich riesig auf Dresden. Leider konnte ich bei Paul van Dyk im Februar nicht dabei sein.
Also, bis zum 10.10.!
07 Sep 2009 23:19:44

Massive show last night!
06 Sep 2009 23:34:50

Anke Kirchner
Hallo Ralph, schön das du so weit und viel unterwegs bist. Liebe Grüße aus Berlin. Anke mit Grüßen von Daniel Ellermann an Dich :-)
05 Sep 2009 01:54:15

Ana Carla
I will see you guys in Recife(club nox)12/09!wowwwwww
28 Aug 2009 15:08:01

wir waren máchác mit dabei, hammer set von euch. wir sehen uns am 10. oktober in dresden.
hoffentlich behaltete ihr den rythmus so ein das ihr wenigsten zweimal im jahr nach dresden kommt.
ihr macht einfach die beste musik, weiter so.
22 Aug 2009 12:58:55

15 Aug 2009 20:33:29

Louai Alchikh
Saw you guys last night @ BOOM BOOM
ROOM!!!! I was the crazy guy with the
equalizer shirt!!!!!
YOU GUYS had an amazing set!!!!!!!
I have also seen you guys in Deutschland
@ Nature One!!!! Two of my Favourite DJS
13 Aug 2009 12:15:52

Just got back from your guys' Scottsdale event... thank you for coming out to Arizona with our horrible heat, you guys were stellar!
08 Aug 2009 19:32:58

Meine Hübschen,
fettes DANKEDANKEDANKE das ihr gestern bei uns wart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! War toll, wir sehen uns auf jeeeeedenfall im Herbst in Dresden.
Hab euch lieb,
eure Berry aus München
03 Aug 2009 23:36:15

Daniel Kubein
Hi Jungs,
also mal was Witziges am Rande:
Da wohnt man jahrelang um die Ecke (Görlitz), hört jahrelang schon Musik auch von Euch und erst wenn man nach Leipzig zieht, lernt man jemanden kennen, deren Freundin einen von Euch beiden näher kennt und man dann erst davon erfährt, dass ihr eigentlich um die Ecke gewohnt habt.
Tja die Musik war eben wichtiger als
das ganze drumherum zu wissen :-)
Weiter so! :-)
lG kuba
02 Aug 2009 18:49:06

Hi Ralph and Steven
This is Mario from Cyprus i want to thank you for the amazing show u gave us @ Guaba. And i cant wait untill i see both of u again in Cyprus soon!!
30 Jul 2009 14:10:46
14 Jul 2009 16:08:41


Hallo Ralph und Steven,
wird man euch nun noch einmal in diesem Jahr in der Heimat bewundern können? so wie weiter unten von euch angekündigt - 3 Seiten zurück "im herbst ;-)"
Würde mich freuen.
Danke für die Info!
13 Jul 2009 17:58:38
Great show in Kemerovo, Russia!!!
10 Jul 2009 07:28:20
Your remix of Flatline is super!!
07 Jul 2009 17:59:04

Hey Kyau & Albert,
Just wanted to say, me and my friends loved your show in Buffalo a few weeks back!!
We got a great picture together and I will remember that night forever. :)
Also, you guys HAVEEE to come to the Electric Zoo festival in NYC. It just wouldn't be the same without two of the greatest trance artists ever.
Love you guys!!
07 Jul 2009 16:38:43
Very cool song with Marc Marberg!
When can we hear a new vocal song from you guys??
05 Jul 2009 14:10:43
This radio show was good and now it sucks, cheesy shit
01 Jul 2009 22:32:25

If it were up to me u guys would be Number 1 in the World.
30 Jun 2009 19:08:11

My name is Igor (Fila).
For a long time I watch your creativity, very much impresses!
Would like to ask you about participation of your guest mix in my radio show Scent of Trance.
I will be very grateful for an affirmative reply!
29 Jun 2009 18:51:48

Hey Leute,
echt der beste Musikmix-Trance und Breakelemente...ich liebe euere Tracks. Ihr habt mich inspiriert und bald kommt mein Album raus und ich möchte es euch dann gerne schicken.
Liebe Grüße aus Freudenstadt!!!
24 Jun 2009 18:03:42

Hello Ralph & Albert!
Cool the music:
Stoneface & Terminal - Santiago(Kyau & Albert mix) VERY GOOD!
Look at my homepage :
24 Jun 2009 05:15:16
Plzz Come To El Salvador !! T_T =D =D
23 Jun 2009 12:44:45
you should give your fans some live concerts using synthesizers with ableton !! with steven singing live!!! that will be original, cause nobody did that before.
22 Jun 2009 13:56:38
Warum seid ihr denn dieses jahr nicht bei House of Summer dabei?
Schade :(((
11 Jun 2009 20:33:03

hi guys! greetings from Poland, Your live acts and sets are just amazing... hope see You soon next time :)
11 Jun 2009 14:05:03

I plan on seeing you guys at the Underbar in Boston!
10 Jun 2009 22:59:12

I love your pick for track of the month
(Heavy Cross (Burns Remix)), I thought the
vocals were cheesy, but it builds really
nicely. Hope you guys play it at EDC. You
guys are the best, keep up the good work.
10 Jun 2009 09:01:12
Wann tretet ihr mal wieder in Ostsachsen auf?
Gruss Sandro
10 Jun 2009 02:28:45

kevin somogye
I cant wait to see you guys destroy Buffalo NY in a
couple weeks!!!!!!
04 Jun 2009 17:37:58

Your remix for Cosmic Gate is huge!!
03 Jun 2009 22:14:23
when comes something new from you?
hoping for new songs with alberts voice :-) we wait for it
k&a = number 1 duo in the world!!
29 May 2009 22:09:24

hi !!
I saw you in the shack of St-jerome and I really loved you. You are the bests dj. Next time you will be in the quebec, i will come sure :)
29 May 2009 05:15:29

I just wanna thank you for having come in st-jérôme my not so famous city ;p you were so good!
18 May 2009 00:37:16

Many thanks for your great set last night in Moscow! Here's some videos from it: B8E265275E1
16 May 2009 17:04:45

pawe³ek gdynia
dance music GENIUS. metrosun no.1 !!!!
14 May 2009 19:16:27

hey kyau & albert i here every your radio show and i love your music so if you both come to israel please
14 May 2009 17:45:27
LOVE you guys!
You are the most beautiful trance djs in the world
Amber x
12 May 2009 02:00:38

Kristy Boeger
Hey Kyau and Albert
Your set on Saturday night at Vanguard was amazing! It was so good to have the chance to talk with you both after the show. Thanks for taking the time to hang out with Felice and I!
Until next time - safe travels :)
11 May 2009 09:19:06

Hi Kyau & Albert
Your mini set on Above & Beyond's podcast is so so beautiful.
Keep granting us with your sounds
greetings from Mauritius
02 May 2009 17:28:31

dj vellow
Macht weiter so ihr seit echt klasse lasst euch nciht beirren in eurem tun grüße aUS BERLIN .
28 Apr 2009 20:01:05

hallo ralph & steven...
freu mich auf MAYDAY!! bitte spielt doch für uns euren remix von 6 am
werden natürlich ganz vorne stehen
bis übermorgen
26 Apr 2009 20:12:49

Yesterday was so cool! I enjoyd your set @ Luminosity! :D
Greets from Best (near Eindhoven, in Holland)
22 Apr 2009 21:22:39

Eurer Auftritt im Eventwerk war traumhaft!!!
Wann kann man euch denn mal wieder in Sachsen sehen? Ihr seid überall in der Welt unterwegs - zwar schön für euch, aber nichts für eure Fans daheim :(
Gebt euch mal einen Ruck und legt doch öfter mal in Dresden auf. Darüber würden sich sehr viele Leute freuen!!
Liebe Grüsse und macht wieder so - ihr könnt wirklich wahnsinnig stolz auf euch sein!
Dani :)
20 Apr 2009 22:25:35


try omnisphere VST should be good for You.
17 Apr 2009 11:32:48
Hallo! Eure Musik ist echt klasse, weiter so! Gruß DIRK
16 Apr 2009 11:33:50

Boys, Why do not you participate in Global Gathering?=((((
It was so desirable more frequent to see you live in UKRAINE=))))))))))
You were fine fellows on CREAM KIEV 08/03/09
So to hold!!=))
We Love You!!!
By the way, I know you a little speak Russian.There will be time - write a few words in the guestbook.

09 Apr 2009 13:29:04
April podcast is huge !!!!!!
07 Apr 2009 20:54:10
HAAAA!!! GOTCHA!you composed kyau vs albert - leavin by using absynth 3!!!
07 Apr 2009 14:31:50
Freuen uns schon mega auf Donnerstag!
Euphonic endlich wieder in Bärliiin :-)
Liebe Grüsse
27 Mar 2009 18:15:13
Hi guys! We love your sound. Greetings from Greece.
26 Mar 2009 20:57:12

Matthew PIR
Gratulation! Wir waren am 28.02.09 im Eventwerk/Dresden zu PVD. Wir waren total begeistert von Eurem DJ-Set bis 0:45 !!! Haben feststellen müssen, mit Euch war echt eine Top Stimmung bis zum Wahnsinn und Ihr habt Euch als wahre Konkurrenz zu PVD geoutet :-) !! Wann legt Ihr mal wieder in saxony auf???? Aber dann bitte als Hauptact !!!!!!!!! DANKE!
26 Mar 2009 12:05:17
Just heard Megashira on DJ Brad Millers podcasts, went straight to itunes and bought 2 versions of this track, Best uplifting trance tune I have heard in the last 10 years, Thank You so much.
Please we wnat more tunes like this, It's almost a spiritual experience listeneing to it, Sends a shiver up the spine at about 2.16 into the track,Brilliant! ;)
24 Mar 2009 16:15:29

When are you coming back to Texas?
20 Mar 2009 12:57:57
Hey Kyau & Albert!
Danke für eure großartigen Tracks und Mixes! Ihr seit
für mich einer der besten Trance-Artists überhaupt,
und das auch noch aus Deutschland, perfekt!
Viel Erfolg weiterhin!
15 Mar 2009 18:19:48

Hi guys! Thanks a lot for your performance on Cream-Kiev-event!!!!!
It was just amazing!!!!!! Came back to Ukraine!!! We are already waiting!!!:)
14 Mar 2009 01:06:00

Thanks guys for amazing performance in Poland on EnTrance 2009 :) In my opinion, yours set was the best on this night :)
By the way, yours remix 'Out Of The Sky' it's just stunning! Keep going.

Your fun.
10 Mar 2009 15:05:23

I identify 100% with the music that mixes in your program.
Simply emotive and energetic.
A strong embrace from españa.
10 Mar 2009 01:53:28

Gabino ´Díaz

diazwsnk7 (a) hotmail (at) yahoo
Que tal.. .. mi nombre es gabino díaz y soy de México, Veracruz,vine a darmwe una vuelta por aca, y ahm, opino sobre la musica de estos dos musicos!
sigan así.

I Need more music..
04 Mar 2009 15:24:13

Fabiola Tonelle
Hi Guys! I am Fabiola, from Brazil. Every month, I come here to listen the new set. This month is very nice!!
I want to know only one thing: WHEN WILL YOU COME TO BRAZIL, especially Sao Paulo???????? Many persons here loved Trance Music, and I think will be great if you come here to mix!!!
03 Mar 2009 14:48:21

Sebastian Schmidt
eine geniale party am samstag in dresden und wie immer natürlich ein super set was ihr aufgelegt habt.
macht weiter so, und kommt bitte hoffentlich mal wieder nach dresden!
01 Mar 2009 16:48:35

Very good music. Tim from Russia
25 Feb 2009 22:33:23
Dresden wir kommen!! :-)
22 Feb 2009 22:11:36
I just heared be there 4 you. you're out of ideas or what?? it's hooked on infinity mixed with your "outside" tune from 2001, and you BLEW UP STEVEN'S VOICE. nothing special guys NOTHING special :( :( :(
22 Feb 2009 21:29:05

JACK scarver
ok guys. DEFINETLY best dance music composers in the WHOLE GALAXY. anybody else is FAR FAAARR away behind you.
21 Feb 2009 02:10:29

i love your music . Firas from Tunisia
19 Feb 2009 23:07:09

Hey Kyau & Albert,
Love your style, I was just wondering if you had a
18 Feb 2009 20:37:48
Hellloo guys!! can you tell me whats the name of that track?? thanks :) :) ture=related
18 Feb 2009 19:41:09

18 Feb 2009 17:34:05
I love you steven...
You're so sensitive to sounds
18 Feb 2009 15:55:55

yeaaah!!!this dj is my favourite in world!!!! im from slovakia
16 Feb 2009 15:12:17

hey you wher great in malta an tanku for the cd:) hope to see you agine xxx
16 Feb 2009 01:32:23

Freue mich schon wahnsinnig auf Euch zusammen mit Paule in Dresden Ende des Monats.
11 Feb 2009 17:26:28
Just voted for you guys. Good luck :-)
Love the euphonic podcast. Always sweet
10 Feb 2009 11:53:46
that remix of hooked on infinity IS so... WILD crazy AND COOL!!!! please come to sopot poland. you ever played there?? :> :>
09 Feb 2009 19:32:44

heyy guys : )im waitng for u next saturday at malta hehe congrats for ur great music and cu soon : )
08 Feb 2009 05:51:50

Hey Guys,
I really like you music and especialy your podcast. Everytime it comes out i listen it a till a new one comes out... But i realy dont like the voice messages. Its realy stupid and interrupting. I like to listen and dream away with your music without listening to people speaking to you with a bad sound qaulity. Please just play the best music! amd not the baddest voices...
Greeting and thanks!
Heszol from the netherlands.
04 Feb 2009 20:35:20

New version of Hooked On Infinity is MASSIVE. You never disappoint!
Please come back to California!!!
04 Feb 2009 01:40:37

we miss you guys!!!
come back to Argentina :)
31 Jan 2009 09:32:57

Hey, why do not you put on your website forum? or an idea that you are not interested
27 Jan 2009 18:54:49

Hey, I'm a big fan! I'm originally from El Salvador (Central America) but now I live in Florida, USA. Thank you for making your show available as a podcast!
26 Jan 2009 07:45:34

einfach genial das ihr nach dresden kommt. freu mich mega auf das event, ihr macht einfach die geilste musik. macht weiter so!
und vielleicht kommt ihr ja hier mal öffters her.
weil hier im umkreis kaum trance ums genau zu sagen euphonic style gespielt wird!
25 Jan 2009 20:09:32

ïðèâåò, âû ïðîñòî ñóïåð)) âîîáùå ðåñïåêò ðåáÿòà..áîæåñòâåííàÿ ìóçûêà ó âàñ.
24 Jan 2009 19:02:17

You guys are simply the BEST!!! I love your music!!! Can't wait 4 you 2 come back to Mexico!!!!
24 Jan 2009 06:25:48

Manuel Moreno
wow.. both of you.. are amazing.. i love your music.. I love your radio show.. keep producing amazing tracks.... my Favorite is Are you Fine? ... Keep Rocking..
grettings from Honduras, Central America.
23 Jan 2009 21:43:32

New homepage!
21 Jan 2009 15:37:58

Juhu endlich mal DD!! Das war schon lange überfällig. Hat wohl niemand mehr nach der abgeblasenen Euphonic night dran geglaubt
Bekommt der Paule nen standesgemäßen Support - so solls sein :-)
Geil, freu mich!!!!!!!!
20 Jan 2009 14:22:29

Clay C & Guests #8
We Are Wainting For You... MALTA LOVES YOU!
19 Jan 2009 14:13:30
best trance producers, best electronica producers. I'm telling you that some day you'll be no 1 dance music dj producers in the world. I already knew that when I heard falling anywhere in 2004. KYAU AND ALBERT ALWAYS NO1 !!!!
16 Jan 2009 23:02:15

12 Jan 2009 22:50:31

Hi,guys!!! I'm your big fan,hello from Belarus :)
When you write your nex album?
09 Jan 2009 13:02:14

cressida - 6am (kyau & albert remix)
beatport best selling trance track 2008 and my favorite tune 2008 :-)
congratulation!! you are future of trance
07 Jan 2009 21:57:29

DyLaN Mallia
Waiting for you in malta!!!! you guys are freakin awsome!!!!
06 Aug 2007 12:10:58

sinan kurtulus
Hi Jungs,
durfte euch am Samstag (auf der Nature) das erste Mal live erleben. Leider habe ich nicht das Ganze Set mitbekommen - falls ihr zu Beginn Megashira gespielt haben solltet, sagt es nicht :D sonst ärger ich mich noch tot. Ansonsten muss ich sagen, wart ihr mein Act an diesem Abend. Eure Releases sind der Wahnsinn und ich freu mich schon auf Neues!
Gruß Sinan
05 Aug 2007 20:24:54

Ein absolut geiler Gig auf der Nature One! Habe noch nie jemanden so abgehen sehen. ^^ Ich war leider total fertig und saß deshalb zum größten Teil einfach links auf der Bühne und hab's von dort aus genossen.
Grüße Alex
02 Aug 2007 05:39:56

please come back to mexico
30 Jul 2007 23:12:40

OMG !! you guys are coming to the FFWD Heineken Dance Parade in Rotterdam (NL) @ 11.08.2007
but, where do you perform?? can't find you're names on !!? is it only at the parade or also in a club??
pls let us know!! hope to see you guys there!!
21 Jul 2007 05:46:04

hola! u'll pe again in Russia! super! ur last visitings i missed but ur perfomance in St.Petrsburg i'll try 2 attend. bye.
ps: i hadn't found ur album in stores of my city :(
12 Jul 2007 01:31:25

Chris James
K&A, coming to Seattle, LSC, on the 20th. This rocks so much, I've been wondering when you guys would make it to Seattle! The day has finally come!! Thanks a lot, can't wait, haven't been this excited since A&B coming to town!!
11 Jul 2007 00:08:12


08 Jul 2007 19:46:24

In trance we stayed with you...that was an awsome set! Kyau & Albert - masters of Creamfields.
GREAT thanks from PL.
01 Jul 2007 16:51:19

Hi Guys,
Thank you for the great night yesterday in Siófok. It was amazing. Hope you come back soon:D
Greetings from Timi
01 Jul 2007 13:29:55

sós vanda
Hy!! You were cool yesterday night in the PALACE (HU)!!!!!X)
I'm The girl who gave the ring for Albert! :DDD
I like YOU
30 Jun 2007 19:22:28

hi awsome tunes i esp love FaLLiNg AnyWheRe, would love to know what synths you used to create that masterpiece :)
30 Jun 2007 18:49:43

u are amazzzing
27 Jun 2007 19:41:41

Thank you for great gig of 24 June.
Come back
Kate (Katya) Russia, UFA
24 Jun 2007 21:56:48
Yours music is the Best!!!! Invitation in my Web side...
20 Jun 2007 05:39:25
I've been hearing "Are you Fine?" on Area 33 (Sirius) Good stuff, I'm beginning to explore your other music, you guys are GOOD!
15 Jun 2007 05:06:47

Helo i'm waiting for you in WROCLAW.
You where amazing.Thanks for yours music - best i ever hear :) See you
14 Jun 2007 17:02:54
12 Jun 2007 22:56:53

Hallo Jungs,
Habe Euch Live auf der Mayday 2007 gesehen und ihr habt mich überzeugt. als ich gehört habe das ihr aus Löbau kommt hat es mich fast vom hocker gehauen da ich gebürtiger Bautzener bin und gedacht habe das die Gegend keine vernüftigen Dj`s hat. Naja falsch gedacht. Also schreibe ich weil ich euch gern mal in unserer Gegend erleben würde. Vieleicht klappts mal.
Danke Caio
11 Jun 2007 10:05:10

Hi Jungs,
eure neue Scheide ist absolut geil. ich höre und spiele sie gerne.
Gruß von der Müritz :-)
10 Jun 2007 12:37:16
You where amazing @ "Linköping (SWE) - Bar & Kök"
1 good tune after another and an ending where everyone was singing to "are you fine" left us with vibes that lasts even now!
09 Jun 2007 18:47:13


09 Jun 2007 15:38:12
Thx for a nice gig in Sweden yesterday.
Hope to se you live again!
08 Jun 2007 10:07:36

Yeeeeesss! 22-23 june in Ekaterinburg and Ufa! Omg... Now i'm so happy! I'll be there!!!
Lesha from Moscow :)
08 Jun 2007 00:58:56
The party tomorrow/today in Linköping is gonna blow the roof off! Am so looking forward to it!
28 May 2007 20:45:56

Elias Emmanuel Pereira
Dear Kyau and Albert i think that your music transform the atmosfer into a nice party. PLEASE COME TO EL SALVADOR!
28 May 2007 17:44:29

kyau and albert, Ukrainian waiting 4 u.......
28 May 2007 14:28:43

kyau and albert.................
when u come in jakarta againn,,,
are u fine,,
i hate u
i love u
i need u
i cry ,,,
are u fine
are u fine
are u fine...

25 May 2007 18:12:27

see you 07.07.07 CREAMFIELDS Poland
24 May 2007 16:38:21

Boys, i has in argentina by the time you were in big one, nice party i have to say considering that my trip to buenos aires was really for other reason.
I put "made of sun" in a party and everyone whent crazy, please remember that is a play called venezuela and here there`s a lot of people eager to see you
God bless
21 May 2007 21:05:29
wie bereits auf der Klangfarben website gesagt, einfach GENIAL habt ihr aufgelegt und show gemacht Samstagabend!
Ich konnte den Dancefloor einfach nicht verlassen!
SO muss TRANCE sein!
Hab mir dort auch gleich die 10 years euphonic gekauft! Handsigniert! Wird ne super erinnerung an diese geile Nacht sein
21 May 2007 12:00:38

Guys, your music amaizing, you are the best! When you can visit Russia? A thousands fans awaiting... ;)
20 May 2007 11:42:49

Hallo ihr beiden!

Ich wollte mich kurz bei euch bedanken: Euer Set bei Klangfarben war genial und ihr habt die Gäste richtig mitgerissen. Vielen Dank.Großes Lob auch für eure Produktionen.
17 May 2007 20:13:52

Serdeczne pozdrowienia i podziêkowania za odes³an¹ wiadomoœæ na maila Czekam z ca³ym sercem na wizyte w Polsce :-) nad Ba³tykiem :-)woj. zachodniopomorskie mo¿e niebawem siê tego wszyscy doczekamy serdecznie pozdrawiam
17 May 2007 16:10:17

Hallo meine Hübschen,
ich hoffe meine Grüße von meiner besten Freundin sind bei euch gut gelandet... Wär sooo gern dabeigewesen, ging aber leider nicht. :( heul. DANKE für das Foto, hab mich irre gefreut. Ich hoffe ihr hattet eine tolle 10 jahres-feier...
Wir sehen uns bei der nächsten EN ooooder in münchen vorher! Ihr müsst unbedingt mal wieder herschauen...
Wir vermissen euch! Dicker kuss,
berry aus muc
08 May 2007 01:18:59

Hey hola, que ejemplo de artistas son ustedes para la Musica electronica (trance). Ac en Colombia no vemos la hora de que vengan a brindarnos un excelente espectaculo. Felicitaciones, calidosos. Medellín - Colombia
06 May 2007 22:17:41

this site is cool.. the pics are awesome
i think the artists songa are awesome.. my favorite is 'save me'
05 May 2007 18:31:51

Hola!!!! quiero felicitarlos por sus excelentes producciones, son geniales!!!!!!! Su musica atrae un sentimiento excelente, una emocion y euforia q no se pueden describir.... saludos desde Guatemala keridos amigos!!!!!!! Kyau & Albert el mejor duo!!!!!!!!!!!
02 May 2007 18:51:38

He ihr beiden Löbauer, erst einmal Glückwunsch zum Erstauftritt bei der Mayday. Ich habe leider nur die letzten 10 Minuten eures Sets mitbekommen, aber das was ich gehört habe, war saugeil.
Kommt man irgendwo an euer Set von der Mayday ran?
Viele Grüße aus Bautzen!!!
01 May 2007 10:32:25

Alberto Morales
You guys rule!!! i hope you come to Mexico soon... I'll play you songs forever in my sets!!! Pleeze visit Mexico!!!!!!!
29 Apr 2007 18:56:30
Hi! I have one quick question. Exactly at what hour will you play at viva club in sopot?? I'll be thankful for the answer.. pozdro z gdyni :D :D
21 Apr 2007 13:09:13

Guys you are the best. I love you'r songs. Run, Kiksu, Walk Down, Are You Fine.... Cya Bye Bye :P :)
18 Apr 2007 18:07:12

wspaniali wykonawcy i Dj super utwór Riding on a star :-)bardzo mi³a muzyka i aby wiecej wizyt w Polsce :-)gdzieœ w zachodniopomorskim miejscu :-)bardzo bym by³ zadowolony gdybyœcie zagrali gdzieœ nad morzem np. Rewal? :-) z serdecznymi pozdrowieniami ode mnie.
17 Apr 2007 08:02:38

u guys r totally awesome !!! embassy club was shaky that night !!!
*oops for the oops... LOL
kyau and albert ROCKS !!!
-pikibun (jakarta)
14 Apr 2007 15:21:44


lesha2 [dog]
We are awaiting you in Moscow! Want to see, to listen and to dance you! :)
From Russia with Love ;)
10 Apr 2007 16:09:14


are u fine,,run,,kiksu,,walk down,,hide and my fav song in this album...i love kyau & albert...
i can't say anything again,,
see U 2 embassy......
09 Apr 2007 07:17:18

can;t wait for you guys in Jakarta! I will be there for the concert.
07 Apr 2007 15:40:35

Euphonic Night @ Dopler Bratislava war supertoll... Ich werde diese Nacht nie vergessen!
05 Apr 2007 19:37:34

dj sun / detire
unglaublich aber wahr...ich habe es endlich mal geschafft mich hierher zu verirren. wollte auf diesem weg mal nette grüße da lassen und ich hoffe du besuchst mich auch mal auf meiner neuen page und hinterlässt nette gegen-grüße. würde sagen:
bis bald denn mal so...
der dj sun / detire
31 Mar 2007 19:53:13

Greetings from Israel :)
30 Mar 2007 17:41:54


Thank from Argentina... last saturday im very very happy..

please come on again.
28 Mar 2007 19:49:21

Thanks to come to Buenos Aires! It was a fantastic night. A big hug and come when ever you want, I´ll be there dancing and singing! thanks and Trance around the world!!!
28 Mar 2007 01:55:18

Hi there, i was in bigone last saturday and i coudnt beleive your show it was amaizing, it was incredible, thank you very much, we hope you have enjoy as much as we do, and of course you are welcome for ever in this lands, thank you very much again, and please keep playng
26 Mar 2007 16:39:13

Amazing, !!! Last Saturday i saw for the fist time Kyau vs Albert in Big One, buenos aires, Argentina ! .
I am from Buenos Aires Argentina !!! It was increible seing them , playing music, like the bests !!!! It was a beautifull night !!!!
The people dance all night, and sing all the songs !!!!
They played songs like, Tracking Treasure down, Satelite, Jump The next train !!!! and more .. ESPECTACULAR !!!!!
25 Mar 2007 21:18:58

Your performance last night in Buenos Aires was amazing... My definition of trance has changed because of you..
Kyau And Albert Foreverrrrr!
24 Mar 2007 19:39:08
ooohh juz nie moge sie doczekac waszego koncertu w sopocie. obowiazkowo syreny morza i kiksu z walk like daun. acha i jeszcze pare slow do kyau. twoj koniec juz nadchodzi, zamierzam poderwaæ stevena i zmienic duet na PALIK VS ALBERT!! jak nie odpuscisz to kulka pojdzie po palcach i pomiskujesz sobie nogami !!
22 Mar 2007 16:03:48


YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST... You are the reason i love trance..
21 Mar 2007 20:18:59

Errol (NL)
I never knew about you guys until i heard a couple of songs from you on Trance Around The World.
Fell in love with your music instantly. :)
So nice, i love it.
Keep it going and when can we finally see you guys in the Netherlands again? :)
20 Mar 2007 23:42:31

Callie Melton
I heard you guys last night on Sirius (3/19/07). What ever song that was in the beginning really touched me (tell me that you'll open your eyes.) You are great and if you ever think about coming to Chicago, do it cos' I'm here and I'd like to see you live.
20 Mar 2007 02:44:58

I'm a college student from Auburn University in Alabama, USA. I heard you guys for the first time on Area 33 on Sirius Satellite Radio this past Friday. I look forward to catching you guys live one day. Keep it pimpin.
18 Mar 2007 16:12:36

You Guys are a great i love ur music, it can take u somewhere else better when the current world around u is bad.
Keep making those amazing tracks
Schor Musik fur immer!!
17 Mar 2007 19:38:33

Hi I`m Daniel from Argentina,(Buenos Aires), And I can`t wait to see you soon, on the next weekend ,,,please hurry,,,, everybody here are so crazy for you two guys, we gonna fly so far togheter ( we gonna fly to the 5th dimension)if you plays this track haaaa, we gonna crush, ,,,,,,,,,we don`t listen trance , we feel it ,,,, it`s gonna be amazing , peoples loves you,, see you the next saturday,,,
17 Mar 2007 17:50:11

You guys rock! You have a big fan community here in Chile, we hope we will see you soon here.
Its a shame that u guys are travelling to Argentina next month and not going here :(
respect for your music.
15 Mar 2007 18:09:09


Greetings from the west coast of Canada!
Your collegues, Above & Beyond are playing here, in Vancouver, on Saturday night! I wish you guys could join them. =(
I really love your music. Keep up the good work guys! =)
04 Mar 2007 21:28:39

Hey Guys, cuaght you set at oxygen at studio in auckland on saturday night. What can i say........but awsome, best dj set i have seen in years. you guys brought the house down. Hope you make in back again in the future.
04 Mar 2007 19:05:53

Hi guys, my name is Rodrigo, I'm from Mexico City. Your Worldvibe record is great!!
03 Mar 2007 01:34:53

Peter form Melbourne.
Hi guys,
My name is Peter and i am form Melbourne. I saw you guys perform last night in Wellington. You got me and the crowd so charged up. It was fantastic.
Can't wait to see you guys in Melbourne on the 5th of April.
Keep on what you guys are going, it’s great.
26 Feb 2007 19:35:35

Adam wrote: You are best dj on the world!!!!
26 Feb 2007 10:27:30

You are best dj on the world!!!!
25 Feb 2007 08:28:49

I just discovered you guys ten mintues ago.. I dig it.
24 Feb 2007 06:06:28

Dream Instructor
Whats up!!! Bryan here from Edmonton Alberta Canada too bad you didnt stop by here when you were in T.O. but anyway... that new tune with marc is all the charts i love it one of my favorites.
22 Feb 2007 10:40:45

Hallo Ralph, hallo Moe ihr seit echt die besten Trancer in ganz Deutschland !!! Ich hoffe auch dass ihr es bleibt und nicht mit der momentanen Elektrowelle mitschwimmt. Trotzdem ist die neue Megashire mit Marc Marberg zusammen echt geil, so soll Elektro sein und nicht so ein Mist wie "Fedde Le Grand" ihr wisst einfach wie es geht, egal was ihr in die Hände nehmt wird zu Gold !!! Macht weiter so, bleibt im Stil von Always A Fool, walk down und dem Klassiker "Velvet Morning". Eine der besten Nummern die jemals auf diesem Planeten produziert wurden !!!
Gruß, euer größter Fan Thomas.
21 Feb 2007 19:09:17

finally, u put jakarta on ur next gig, cant wait till the day, just let ur music fuck our mind !!! u guys magnificent!
20 Feb 2007 17:47:42
Amazing unbelievable fucking great music guys.. keep releasing more of this and you will see increase ranking
18 Feb 2007 00:24:28
Achei por acaso o clip "Velvet Morning" hoje, muito bom.

Fortaleza - Ceará - Brasil
13 Feb 2007 23:45:29

Hey ;) Greetings from Slovakia, far far away :) your music is very go(o)d, what can i tell more... ;)
13 Feb 2007 16:50:41

hi :) !!
i have a question:when you more been except 17 february in Poland??
please meet us in vacation!! :)
ps.i love yours music!!!! i listen it all time!!!!!! i can't stop ;) !!
13 Feb 2007 13:00:55

Heeeyyy boyyzzz!!! :D :D i`m sooo anxious and excited of your first gig in Argentina!!! =D =D =D
we´ll have a great night with u guys! so i cant wait to 24/03 to be there in the club listening to your very good music!!! love ya!! :D
13 Feb 2007 10:32:44

Shyam Mohan
Hey... I'm from Bangalore, India. The vocal mix of Oceans Labs Sirens of the Sea is really uplifting. A classic. We dont have much DJs playing progressive/trance here. The only live session we had was the John Digweed set this November. He is brilliant. Hope to see you live some day. take care.
12 Feb 2007 22:32:26
Thank you very very much for an amazing show at Docks, Toronto! I hope you've enjoyed the experience as much as we all did! Please be back for the summer :)
p.s. Ralph, it was a pleasure to talk to you briefly in the Liberation lounge, take care and expand that knowledge of Russian! I'll try to work on my German :)
12 Feb 2007 20:21:50
Thank you guys so much for making such a beautiful album like Worldvibe . Sincere congratulations for this album . Just got my copy of it and it's simply superb ...
Thank you ...
12 Feb 2007 14:47:14
Kyau & Albert bei der MAYDAY. ich kann es nicht glauben! geil!
Weiter so.
11 Feb 2007 21:31:21
Megashira is the best track you ever made. I love it. Good job :)
10 Feb 2007 19:56:25

Hola chicos, really like your productions, you defenitely belong to the top in electronic dancemusic production! One day I hope to beat you guys though ;)
Greetings from Mallorca
10 Feb 2007 11:07:22

I love your music!!!:)))Respect you!!!
09 Feb 2007 04:32:08

hey Kyau & Albert u guys are awsome keep up those chilling vocals and that true to trance sound u guys have to come to Toronto soon!!! i would love to c u guys perform
07 Feb 2007 19:51:38

You guys are simply the best, love ur music love ur styllle seriously u r the best out here in the vocal trance scene, no one really produce or remix vocal trance tunes like u do.. keep the good work up love ur style !
05 Feb 2007 02:07:19

04 Feb 2007 16:40:23
yedo....WHAT A F.CK IS THIS?? :| :| worse track you ever made... :/ :/
04 Feb 2007 10:09:20

watching you guys at afterlife in dallas right now! i go to many venues here and you set the bar high as hell for 2007. would love to come see you guys in your home land, as soon as i can get away from work i am there! thanks for a hell of a night. B
01 Feb 2007 17:27:47

Linzie Fair
I can't wait to see you guys play next weekend in Toronto. I've been waiting for you to make an appearance here for a while !!
See you next weekend,
01 Feb 2007 14:24:07

You guys are definetely the most promising producers at the moment.
Will get in touch with your booker to get you here.
30 Jan 2007 14:06:05

Petko Stoyanov
I love your music!!! When will u come here, in Bulgaria?!?
U R MADE OF SUN!!! Save Me with your music!!! :)
Love ya!
28 Jan 2007 13:50:51

David Losee
Thanks for an amazing gig in Las Vegas! Your set was flawless, and you are both amazing guys! Thanks for talking with me and for the autographs! I would drive another 6 or more hours from Salt Lake City to see you anyday! Will be seeing you at the Loveparade 2007! All the best, you truely deserve it!
28 Jan 2007 11:18:44

Hey ich hab mir das Album Worldvibe gekauft ist schon etwas länger her ich mag eure Musik die Lied Texte sind einfach spitze und die Vocals sind der Hammer!!
Weiter so! Die CD ist 1a!
LG aus Dresden. :)
26 Jan 2007 21:10:49

Kamil Z
You are the best. Your single "Are you fine?" is my favourite mix. I live 20 km from Löbau in Goërlitz/Zgorzelec(Poland).
25 Jan 2007 09:36:36

Jim Collins
Cool website guys. Cant wait to finaly see you guys on the 2nd of march here in New Zealand. Its gonna go off. :-)
I will make sure i give you guys 200% on the lighting through your set. Mint
P.S. Walk down and Kiksu are F***n Awesome tunes
25 Jan 2007 02:57:57

Kenneth Olsen
Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas at the Empire Ballroom on Jan 25th! Hoping you will be signing autographs!
24 Jan 2007 13:57:50
Hey mates awesome stuff you do! Being a producer myself, I find your work most amazing. I bought ASOT 06 and I was like omg kiksu and walk down are awesome! Then I bought worldvibe and I intend to put them in my mix :)
From Montreal,Quebec
18 Jan 2007 17:49:36


schönen gruß von der sindy an s. ihr gefiel s. outfit als modezar :o)
18 Jan 2007 17:05:39

Ch³opaki, jeste¶cie super !!
Big kiss :*
17 Jan 2007 15:29:40

Why oh why do you never come to Western australia when you come to our country??!?!
it would be really nice to see you in perth and not have to fly to sydney!
12 Jan 2007 16:41:36

what? a remix of chasing cars? damn i ll find this! chasing cars is awesome in radio edit, but when kyau and albert do a remix... well... top of the tops i can tell ya xD
12 Jan 2007 14:02:32

HI there i hope you can help me out.You played at Splash on the 9th December in south africa and we are looking for the remix of snow patrol's chasing cars and we can't find it anywhere
It is offically the BEST remix i have ever heard in my life
If posible can you tell us where we can find it and if it is avalible.
Thanx for GREAT entertainment
11 Jan 2007 05:36:39

Emergency! / PhilterDisco
Viel Erfolg und alles Gute für 2007!
...lasst es krachen Jungs! :-)
Schöne Grüße aus Sachsen-Anhalt.
09 Jan 2007 01:41:40

Cale Davidson
Can't wait to hear you guys at The Docks in Toronto, Canada on February 10th, and I hope you check this guestbook :D
If so, I've got a few requests...
Velvet Morning (Aalto remix)
Are You Fine
Walk Down
Oh, I hope you guys get at LEAST a 2 hour timeslot, hopefully more...
08 Jan 2007 16:26:30

Yasmin Rasyid
Do you have any Velocity KL Music Festival 2006
07 Jan 2007 15:43:28

nur zu geil. hoffe ihr kommt mal nach NRW xD am besten ins moonlight in ratingen haha :D oder im sommer nochmal nach polen, bin im sommer auch da (vieleicht danzig? ^^) also wünsche euch noch viel erfolg usw. weiter so bitte xD
06 Jan 2007 00:39:21

Mario Marx
Hallo Ihr,
ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2007 und macht weiter so!
Eure Musik ist Spitze. Das neue Album ist TOP.
Grüße an die Löbauer aus aus Löbau
03 Jan 2007 17:44:43

Hello friends! Iam listen good album and
i wish you love, more projects and more
good luck. Vith compliments from kiev
Mihasman Favourite style progressive trance!!!
02 Jan 2007 22:37:55

Scharipov Evgeniy
Guten Tag!
Ekaterinburg liebe dich!
31 Dec 2006 08:27:32

miss zeyna
hey kyau & albert!
u guys rocked that nite in sunway!! d Malaysian crowd loves you!! including me who was busy working that nite! party was awesome! i swear i could die of dehydration and euphoria!!
albert, i agree with yah! u germans love BEER! haha didn't know German Dj's are so friendly! i looiiike! take care! hope to see u guys again! have a GUUUUREAT NEW YEARH!
*people, ur gonna love these two dudes!
28 Dec 2006 04:42:46

Welcome to Malaysia!
Cant wait to see you guys at the velocity gig! :)
Cheers and Merry Christmas guys!
24 Dec 2006 12:53:25

Kisu schón musik
24 Dec 2006 03:24:37

welcome to MALAYSIA this 29 DEC..
i wait for u..
all the best..
23 Dec 2006 22:32:09

richtig fetten Respekt für Worldvibe!!!
1A Klasse Album. Kann man gar nicht beschreiben. Hoffe ihr macht weiter so und werdet viel bekannter so das ihr Weltweit erfolg habt.
Bleibt mit eurer Musik so wie ihr seid. Sie ist einfach nur perfekt!!!
greetz und man hört sich^^
22 Dec 2006 08:20:11

Basil John Marx
And when you walk down try and touch me i'm waiting for the sign to keep me on the ground.....
Gongratualations in making it in the top 100. Love the classic tunes you remixed and the new releases. Someting to be proud of. Respect to the Dj's, producers and artists without them trance music would not be what it is today.
I'm from South-Africa and saw Ralph play at Base 3 in Midrand. One day not to forget. Even though the scene has died a bit down here in my country we are posotive in reviving the element that brings people like us together and celebrate the era of the music which i live for each and every day. Without it i would be incomplete.
May we all have a great year 2007 and make this world a better place.
Keep It Real.
Dj Tisk
20 Dec 2006 13:33:36
wish you a merry xmas..! :)
20 Dec 2006 10:05:14

I missed you guys when you came to the Poznan 2007...
16 Dec 2006 23:03:07

Sandra Zuñiga
Hi there! Your vibes and tunes are excellent!! I just discovered your music quite a while ago and I just loooove it!! Have you ever considered coming down to Southamerica?? Peru in particular?? Please say yesssss!! People would certainly love a party with you guys!!! See you soon (I hope!!) :)
Love! :D
13 Dec 2006 11:02:00

Hi from Turkey, Are you Fine :)
i want a listen to kiksu live in Turkey!!!!
you'r awesome! Perfect! Excellent!

11 Dec 2006 14:58:07

Maureen Anderson
Hello there Steven Albert!!! Thank you so much for gracing our South African shores and playing a kick a$$ set at the ESP Splash day party in Midrand and then again at the ESP club in Randburg. You rocked!!!! We met you through James G, one of our d.j. friends and are so thrilled that we managed to get a few photos taken with you. Yaaayyyy!!! Hopefully we see you again some time!! Thanks once again. We love your music, we think you are brilliant. Worldvibe is awesome!!!!
08 Dec 2006 18:14:39

Ja, schön war es wieder in Zittau. Feine Musik, Jungs. Ein bisschen stressfreier müßt ihr aber noch werden :-) Lieber gruß, die Hannah.
05 Dec 2006 23:44:31

I missed you guys when you came to the UK in 2006. I cant wait till you here next.
30 Nov 2006 23:45:21
Ralph & Steven:
You guys represent the true force of TRANCE MUSIC. You don't realize how much your music means to me... when you walk tried to touch ready for a hear me with your call...oh yaaa
28 Nov 2006 19:19:23

Excellent music
Are you fine is big bomb!!!
i love it!!!
Greetz from BELGIUM!
27 Nov 2006 17:12:55

Jocke Gustavsson
keep up the gd work, u kick as. Greetings from sweden. We r 2 guys who r into trancemusic check out our song and give us some feedback plz =)
// Jocke
27 Nov 2006 15:52:53

When u cum 2 Z.A. Give us your best dont hold back if you want to be remembered in South Africa, cause we know how to party. Thank you
26 Nov 2006 00:31:56


You are true masters!
We want to see you again! ;)
Welcome to Yekaterinburg (Russia)!
25 Nov 2006 15:27:03

I am a trancefan from The EL SALVADOR.
I really love your music,I´m the biggest fan of you guys.
thanks for some great music!
24 Nov 2006 07:59:47

Cale Davidson
You two MUST come to Toronto, Canada! You guys are truly the only TRUE remaining trance producers as far as I'm concerned. Please, PLEASE come to Toronto!
21 Nov 2006 21:14:55

please come to mexico city you are the best
18 Nov 2006 10:55:33
I'm from Poland, and I love Euphonic Sessions on RMI FM radio... You're The Best!!! C'Ya :)
16 Nov 2006 17:48:24
Worldvibe is really good!! .... you should do KIKSU 2 please!! :) :) :)
15 Nov 2006 20:15:24

'Worldvibe' is amazing!!!
08 Nov 2006 10:53:18


love your new album!!
29 Oct 2006 08:13:47

Gay Radio in Odsherred, Denmark, Sends you greetings and thanks for some great music!
28 Oct 2006 09:35:49

Jan Jaap Hakvoort
I am a trancefan from The Netherlands.
I really love your music, I found out about it a few years ago and everyone who heard it loved it! I am refering to you as the Tiesto of Germany :)
I would advice to setup a better site however (the best of the best), if you want I can help you with this for free. I will then invest in a design for your site in return for just a small link to Ofcourse also professional software like a vBulletin forum etc. will be bought and hosting will be free.
Best Regards,
Jan Jaap Hakvoort
27 Oct 2006 19:34:50

Hi, I´m the biggest fan of you guys here in Mexico addiction started with the tracks Velvet Morning and Made Of Sun, please be sure to come and visit us soon, I can assure you that you guys have a lot of fans here that just can´t wait to to see u live. I love you!!!!
27 Oct 2006 16:02:43

Joseph S
Please come to MOntreal, Quebec in Canada. I will be there guarateed.
The only thing I can say is #48 out of the best 100 will change next year. I say you will hit 11th once more countries will hear about you.
27 Oct 2006 15:48:33
I love you! Nothing more to say.. :)
26 Oct 2006 01:35:46

Hi I'm from Mexico I'm the biggest fan of you. In Mexico really like that you play here. Make sure the mexican people will receive you with pleasure. Congratulations for the great music you do guys!!! I hope see you soon in Mexico
25 Oct 2006 08:44:45

Come to TORONTO!!!
19 Oct 2006 23:56:22

Ralph & Steven! I'm a great fan of ur music. Evrerythin began from ur "Falling Anywhere" track, which sent a siver down my back whenver i listened to it! Your new album "Worldvibe" is great, especially those nice uplifting tunes," Teddybears" and "Hooked on the Infinity". You guys are very talented, keep up with good work!
19 Oct 2006 07:50:06

I have never seen you guys and am a huge fan. Yes!
you should come to Australia, so you can come up
to the loveley Brisvegas. Would love to see you at
some of the festivals that will be on!!..<@)
Keep the tunes coming, I absolutley love it.
Will from Brisbane, Aus

17 Oct 2006 15:43:02

Hi From Downunder :D
Would be awesome if you guys could come Australia for the summer! If you do, make sure you come to sunny Brisbane.
Really love your tracks and mixing! Keep it up!
17 Oct 2006 09:00:12
Hello Pedro,
look at the blue euphonic flower on this page and you can buy the new "Worldvibe" ... :-)
16 Oct 2006 19:28:44

hallo alle...ich bin aus Slovenien und bei uns war party Equinox mit Kyau & Albert. Ich muss nur sagen...THE BEST... pure masters of Trance...habe auch fotos mit ihnen gemacht und bin sehr dankbar für das...also...Kyau & Albert sind die GRÖSSTE für immer... !!!!!!!!!
16 Oct 2006 15:48:51

Kyau and Albert!
you are gods! i swear in my life!
that i had never heard such a pure music!
every track is amazing, every sound that comes from you makes me shivers!
Please keep me updated by your works!
in love and respect!
16 Oct 2006 15:01:21

Pedro Quintela
I love the music of these artists, i´ve got the album "here we are now" a great piece of art, one of the best albums i ever heard in my life, i´m looking foward to have their new album "worldvibe" as soon it´s avaliable on fnac, i´d like to know when is avaliable on fnac so i may order it, it´s the only way i can have access to their original cd´s and not copys, my country Portugal doesn´t offer many ways to get great artists such as Kyau & Albert, i would be grateful if someone could tell me when the new album is avaliable on fnac.
Kyau & Albert forever.
15 Oct 2006 18:17:36

Hallo Jungs. Der Clip ist echt toll und die Musik wunderschön. Macht weiter so. Liebe Grüße aus Görlitz und von den dreisten drei.
14 Oct 2006 22:09:27


hey guys...I dont know much about you...but I hope I will because you make very great music..."Falling Anywhere" was the first song that I heard from you...and it was touche immediatly...Good Luck guys ;)
14 Oct 2006 20:07:38

hey guys.. really nice show last night @ Štuk :: Slovenia
Kyau... great jumping :)
hope it wasn't your last visit here o/
the pic with u 2 will be a nice memory
Keep the good tunes comin, take care & greetz
10 Oct 2006 01:41:09
"Are You Fine" finally available at iTunes ... Now I'm fine too ... tkank you :-)
(But don't forget those shops, which sell pure MP3 like finetunes & Co. ...)
09 Oct 2006 21:55:35
Good evening, guys! Your music is awesome, fantastic sound! Russian fans in Moscow and Saint-Peterburg awaiting you ;)
08 Oct 2006 19:09:56
Really n1 music a bit like our god paul van dyk greetings from germany to the whole world
07 Oct 2006 11:16:23

Hi everyone!!!! I'am very glad that I can listen Kyau & Albert songs!!! And I really want them to come to my country Latvia, this would be a great present to every fan of Kyau & Albert!!
06 Oct 2006 19:47:12

felicidades KVA por todas sus canciones, son muy buenas y los esperamos en CD: juarez Mexico.
30 Sep 2006 11:54:01

Hello everyone, I`m just checking in to send my regards to Kyau & Albert from Croatia. Your songs are a big hit in our clubs and we love them! Make more and keep it superb as it has allways been.

P.S. Come to our coast, at the Adriatic sea, we have some of the most beautiful islands and tourist towns on the Mediterian sea. And ofcours, they are filled with exellent clubs, so many world-known DJ`s come to play at summer.
29 Sep 2006 02:00:41

Rey Aquino
Its me again.As you can see, people in México loves you guys.All the spanish threads in here are mostly from mexican fans! :)
I appreciate the quick contact than ur management did to me, but im wondering if you are planning to come in november.
Hope to see you soon.
P.D.:Is there a plan for remixing "hide and seek"?
29 Sep 2006 01:40:31

soy de mexico y me fasina su musica
24 Sep 2006 17:56:34

Heim Zoltán
Hello Guys!
I heard your music first about 2 months ago. Since then I always look for your remixes and own songs as well. You're making heavenly good dance music. Congratulations!
Heim Zoltán
21 Sep 2006 18:50:19

son lo maximo sigan asi
21 Sep 2006 10:08:23

Impressive sound, skills, quality. You guys are in my top 3 of best producers.
20 Sep 2006 18:23:13
i heard your album - worldvibe
and just wanted 2 say thumbs up!!!
keep up the good work...
and please come to israel already
20 Sep 2006 02:20:11
Hello guys, I can't wait for your live performance at Maribar :)
15 Sep 2006 02:14:59

Well i have to say how i met you guys:
for my birthday a friend gave me a cd, politics of dancing 2, iam a huge fan of paul van dyk and i really enjoy the gift.
Everything cool on cd1....until i get to track 15. That song was "exelente" actually, from cd1 is the song that i like the most, sadly it only last 3 minutes or so.
Cos i live in venezuela, find a record of kyau vs albert is extremely hard, but i will dso my best to find it, thank you for the music and see you in the future
13 Sep 2006 19:16:48

Hey .. greetings from Dubai ... its about time you guys come here im sure u have good reviews from above & beyond and simon patterson about this place!
12 Sep 2006 22:32:14

Hello from Romania! I like what are you doing with the music! Keep up the good work! Bafta!(=Good Luck! in romanian :D)
11 Sep 2006 04:22:48

Patrik Ottenhag
Keep up the good work ;).. awesome music that you guys are producing:D.. greetings from Växjö, Sweden :)
10 Sep 2006 23:38:18

Ich weiß nicht was ich sagen soll, da mir echt die Worte fehlen?!Eure neue Single "Are You Fine" ist so unbeschreiblich gut, dass ich sie nicht zu beschreiben vermag, sondern lediglich sagen kann, dass ihr echt ein Stück geschaffen habt, welches mir ein Gefühl beschert, dass mich eine Gänsehaut nach der Anderen überkommt.
Mein Respekt gebührt euch, weiter so!
10 Sep 2006 22:22:44

hey ihr seit echt spitze! macht weiter so und lasst noch mehr von euch hören...schade dass man euch selten im fernsehen sehen kann.
lieben gruß nadin aus hamburg
09 Sep 2006 16:42:00


Hi, muss echt sagen Eure Musik ist total geil. Da kann sich PvD und Co zur Zeit echt ne dicke Scheibe abschneiden.
Bitte kommt doch mal in den Köln/Bonner Raum, werdet hier sehnsüchtig erwartet.
Wünsche Euch noch viel Erfolg und freu mich auf Euer neues Album. Weiter so...
Gruß Benni
08 Sep 2006 12:43:34

Hallo aus Russland!
Ich mag Ihre Musik sehr. Kommen Sie vielleicht irgendwann nach Moskau?
08 Sep 2006 00:43:22

Hi guys
I`m from venezuela and i like the song falling anywhere a lot, i would like to know if you will ever play here in latin america.
Many people here are waiting to see you, y que viva la musica electonica
De un nuevo fanatico
Nelson E.
07 Sep 2006 10:46:58
hallo, partywütiges Volk ;)
wer fährt am 2. 10. zur Euphonic night nach berlin und würde mich mitnehmen?
02 Sep 2006 18:36:29


emmanuelsio (at) hotmail (dot) com
hi Kyau & Albert.
Im from Argentina. When are you going to play here?? We are waiting for you!! Please tell me if you think to came around here!
01 Sep 2006 14:37:24

Hi Kyau & Albert!
Guys, are you fine???
OMFG! Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine? (Sonicvibe pres. Vardran Remix) - is something that I can't explain, perfect work indeed! Greets from Russia!!! Moscow calls you... ;-)
01 Sep 2006 10:18:27

steve fine
kva, you are one of the best artists i've heard !!!
please please please come to israel...!
31 Aug 2006 22:02:58

Matin Shinper
Hello Kyau & Albert. Good work and music! Greetings from Poland :)
31 Aug 2006 18:24:09

hello guys!!! i can't wait to see you at stuk in slovenia :) and please, change the city ;) stuk is in maribor not in ljubljana ;) greetings!!
see ya,
31 Aug 2006 14:03:23

Marko Felinger
Hi guys!
I'm looking forward to seeing you on October 13th in Slovenia, we'll play together in Trance Arena floor, can't wait! Keep up the good work !
See ya soon!
Marko Felinger
30 Aug 2006 16:58:00

Pruthvi Anekal
I see that u guys are only coming down to Hong Kong when u make a stop in ASIA... PLS PLS Pretty PLS come down to Singapore... I have been waiting 2 years for u guys to return.... PLS~!///
30 Aug 2006 15:41:13
just to let u know, u guys got 4 points extra on ur djmag100 total!
hope that, "are you fine" will come out soon! Been listening to the asot rip for days now! I thought it was hard to make something better than "kiksu", but you guys did it again!
keep up the very good work!
Cheers from Holland
28 Aug 2006 17:01:40

Hi Guys!
I was there in the Club Blade, Budapest. You were great! Not only the music was amazing, but you guys are the greatest. I don't know if you really enjoyed the show as much as it seemed, but it was pleasure to look at you :) It was a great party, and once in a lifetime experience to see how you enjoying it, and see you singing the songs!
So I thank you the party, and thank the photo with you!
I hope I'll be able to enjoy your music live, in this way again...(hope you come to Hungary again)
28 Aug 2006 04:40:51

Rey Aquino
Guys, you should come to México.
I mean we all love you, and well K&A playing here...would be an important thing in the trance scene for us...
Contact me :)
23 Aug 2006 01:34:01

Adriana Gutiérrez
Saludos para Stephen y Albert!!!
Desde México!!! Con mucho amor, vengan pronto cabrones los espero!!
23 Aug 2006 01:28:18

Tanude DJ
Jump The Next Train Cool Track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Aug 2006 12:12:59
Are You Fine... Das ist wunderbar !! :):):):):):):):):)
21 Aug 2006 09:59:38
tach onkel ralph & pate moe! :-)
wir sehen uns am 02.10. zu 100% mal wieder in der hauptstadt...
gruss aus dem stressigen berlin ;-)
19 Aug 2006 14:20:13
schöne neue HP die Ihr habt. Ich wünsche Dir/Euch von Herzen Alles Gute.
Liebe Grüße aus Mab.
17 Aug 2006 03:20:38

Tobias aVi
ich lass mal viele Grüße für euch da...
...*Grüße* :)
Lob für Are You Fine lass ich auch hier...
...*Lob* !! Sehr tolles Stück !!
viel spaß noch bei allem !!
14 Aug 2006 12:09:54

wollte nur mal nen Gruß da lassen und zu eurem letzten Rel. graturlieren.
Echt nice !
Gruß aus HH
12 Aug 2006 01:15:35

Ich bin FUN in Polen.KIKSU ist fantastisch !!
11 Aug 2006 15:16:26

lovin u.. :**
11 Aug 2006 00:39:56

I hate you I love you I need you...
it's amazing new track
10 Aug 2006 13:38:00

Meine Herren!
Ich habe gerade die zweite Single "Are You Fine?" aus dem kommenden Album gehört.
Mal wieder eine Hammerscheibe! Das Album wird jetzt zu 100% gekauft ;)
09 Aug 2006 04:15:31

Loving this track guys. Keep up the tracks flowing hope to see you in the USA soon!
08 Aug 2006 12:25:44

Hallo Ralph und Stefan,
wie gehts euch denn so? Ich hoffe doch mal gut. Wollte euch mal liebe Grüße aus Paderborn senden...was hiermit auch getan ist.
Viele Grüße.
31 Jul 2006 13:22:58
Hi Levi,
brauchst doch nur das Video zu Walk Down anschauen und mitschreiben. Gibt`s auch hier auf der Seite unter Audio/Video... ;)
28 Jul 2006 11:25:38

terry white
can any one let me know if the guys will be coming over to england at any time
many thanks
27 Jul 2006 08:04:44

mikko niittymäki
Hallo Jungs !
Bald ist es wieder so weit, Sauna und Salmiakki :D
25 Jul 2006 14:43:00

Ich wollt mal Fragen ob ihr vielleicht den Lyric von Walk Down da habt und releasen könnt :)
Ist nen klasse Track und kommt gut in jeder Disco.
Weiter so :)
24 Jul 2006 18:16:53

Hi Jungs,
von mir auch ein Dankeschön für die einfach geniale Musikalische Einlage beim HOUSE OF SUMMER. Ihr seid die Besten.
MFG Stephan W. aus E bei Löb
23 Jul 2006 12:57:52

hy und hallo,
wollte euch ein dickes DANKE sagen für den genialen abend(bzw.nacht)gestern beim house of summer(wo der rest wahrscheinlich jetzt noch rockt)...ihr ward klasse und die stimmung perfekt!ich bin begeistert von euch...hut ab
adios sagt die katha
23 Jul 2006 09:52:43

u guyz r so maximum !!! u put life mood on ur music... please make Jakarta - INDONESIA on ur next tour schedule will ya ? we're so so so waiting for ur gig here... keep up the magnificent work...
18 Jul 2006 19:04:01

Wasz styl jest po prostu niesamowity: po³¹czenie wkrêcaj¹cych dŸwiêków z profesjonlan¹ melodyjnoœci¹. Trzymajcie tak dalej, dla mnie jesteœcie najlepsi...Armin czy Ferry przy was WYSIADAJ¥ W PRZEDBIEGACH.
14 Jul 2006 01:54:45

I wanna say RESPECT for you, guys! Your music's making our world & life much more better and beautiful!
Please, come to Saint-Petersburg@Russia, you would not be regret about this! Petersburg is a clubbing capital of Russia. Thousands of people are waiting for you, your music & sets!
Best regards!
12 Jul 2006 02:56:16

Raff Gyoletsyan
Sincerely Ralph Kyau & Stephen Albert, various masters like you in EMC may be very little, both of you must be Lucky to become together in your talentfull career, I also a Maker/Producer Emusic and also create CosmoEarth deep vibes this is my life and breath and yours too for sure ! ;) I Like your music much, just keep it 4ever and always see you in Global Scene of GODs Culture !
Be healthy, be happy !
God Bless you men ;)
Sincerely R.G.(Independent EM)
10 Jul 2006 19:41:17

Hope we can see you in or near munich again next time. The city needs your beats! Greatings Sibel
10 Jul 2006 14:27:50

Helllo i'm writing from poland ... we love kiksu but dj's don't play it in disco :(( but i and my friend listen Trance Around The World and when we hear Kiksu we flay to cosmos :)) greatings from Poland (Raciborz)
06 Jul 2006 20:28:50

Yoooww, Ihr zwei!!
I've missed the first half an hour of Euphonic Sessions due to the fact the timetable @ Etn was all wrong!! But the next half hour was great with Ronald van Gelderen, Mason & Direkt dizko.
Unfortunately we won't be able to make it to Lovebase but are there any more gigs in august or will you guys be enjoying a well deserved vacation (in Belgium perhaps :-D)?
Ciaoo xxx
06 Jul 2006 17:58:14

Na Ihr zwei!!! Euch sieht man ja garnicht mehr in Dresden oder Umgebung... Sehr schade, würde mich freuen euch wiederzusehen, besonders Steven ;-) Viel Glück noch
05 Jul 2006 10:03:11

Hallo Ralph und Steven!
Eure Single "Walk Down/Kiksu" ist ein echter Hit! Ich hoffe das eure Musik hier in Deutschland auch damit Erfolg hat. Wann kommt das neue Album?
Ich habe euch vor ein paar Monaten,einen
DEMO- Song gesendet(Please don't leave me).Ich suche einen Label fr meine Miusik!Wenn Ihr keine Verwendung fr Ihn findet k”nntet ihn zurck schicken?
Danke erst mal und weiter so viel Glck!
Swen "Electric Loop"
04 Jul 2006 09:45:51

Please Visit us... in San Francisco!!! WE need your beat!
01 Jul 2006 12:43:40

stefan - timeok
hey jungs,
wollte nachträglich noch für den tollen abend in den turnmills danken... leider gehts mit meinem london aufenthalt zuende und ab morgen bin ich dann wieder zurück in der schweiz. hoffe man sieht sich bald wieder mal. :)
30 Jun 2006 15:50:50


cookiemonster666 (at) o2 (dot) pl
i really love your music gues! it's awesome! but i'm wondering what the word "kiksu" means... could you tell me?
27 Jun 2006 11:12:27
Hallo wieder :)
Track "Walk Dawn" ist am schoensten. Ich habe phantastische Erinerungen aus event "RMI Trance Explosion" mit diesem Track. Danke, danke, danke schoen.
27 Jun 2006 10:36:47
Hallo, hallo,
ich liebe eure Musik... :)))
Leider, kann ich nicht waehrend "Insomnia" herumtollen :/ und auch passt mir nicht an "House of summer" ankommen. Aber ich hoffe, dass ihr oefter Polen besucht werden :)
Herzliche Gruesse aus PL
21 Jun 2006 17:43:41
Hallo ihr zwei,
danke für den Turboversand der CD!! Glaub jetzt dürfte in meiner Sammlung von euch nicht mehr allzu viel fehlen. ...und ein super großes Dankeschön für´s Autogramm, ihr könnt wohl Gedanken lesen... ;-)
Grüße aus Kittlitz-City
21 Jun 2006 12:35:58

Hi Ihr Beiden,
auch nochmal n großes Lob für Euer Set im ASTA!!!
Bis bald :-)
20 Jun 2006 15:19:03

Greetings from the far east!
I really love "Walk Down". It's one of the best trance songs I ever listen. Surprised when I realise how poetic the lyric is.
Keep the good work, I've been deadly waiting for the second album and -perhaps- your live PA here someday. tschüß!
20 Jun 2006 09:44:48

hallo ihr zwei!!!
echt geile party in den haag!!! machen wir wieder! ich schau mal, ob ich vielleicht in polen dabei sein kann, ansosnten sehen wir uns dann bei der lovebase!!!
liebe grüße
19 Jun 2006 16:55:45

Guten Mittag Papagei ;-)!!
Wie war die Fahrt nach Hause sonntags?
I better continue in English before I make a total fool out of myself im Deutsch.
It was a really cool party @ The Asta and I really enjoyed our conversation.
Hope to see you again someday. Maybe after you guys have conquered Belgium!!
Tschüs, and keep up the good work!!
18 Jun 2006 17:15:45

Ojoj... Dora wiara... Kiksu wymiata...:P
16 Jun 2006 14:18:31
Ello, greetings from sunny Scotland! Lovin the beats and cant wait for the new album! Hope its out soon
15 Jun 2006 18:41:50

Hi Kyau und Albert.
ich wollte nun nach langer Zeit einmal mein großes Lob an euch ausprechen. Eure Musik ist einfach der Hammer und jedes einzelne Lied ein Meisterwerk. Vorallem Kiksu und Made of Sun(Hard Dub).
Fern ab vom ganzen Komerz, von dem der gute Techno und Trance leider überflutet wird.
Macht auf jedenfall weiter so.
LG Pak-X
10 Jun 2006 09:08:34

Hey ihr beiden, ich möchte euch mal ein Lob aussprechen. Ich war zwar leider nicht bei der TriState dabei, aber man hört ja nur gutes:-) ich finde es super, wie ihr das organisiert und euch dafür auch nicht "zu schade" seit z.B. Stempel zu verteilen etc! An euch können sich ganz viele Leute ein Beispiel nehmen! Ihr macht mit eurem Sound und eurer Einstellung diese Szene aus und schafft etwas großartiges!Sowas lässt einen abseits dieses ganzen MainstreamMülls echt hoffen! Respekt und danke!
Liebe Grüße aus dem Münsterland, Marco :-)
04 Jun 2006 21:02:44


hi guys! once again thanks for your set in ostroleka. that was massive!
02 Jun 2006 00:45:07
Greetings from Noordwijk...your music rules!
01 Jun 2006 17:24:53
Ach übrigens könnt ich mir mit euern aktuellen style n richtig coolen RMX zu "By your side" von The Thrillseekers vorstellen! Nur mal so am rande!
01 Jun 2006 17:19:14
Kommt n bischen spät, aber egal! Euer RMX für Gabriel & Dresden`s Taking treasure down is echt ne Bombe!!! Ich krich jedesmal ne Gänsehaut wenn ich ihn höre! Macht bitte weida so!
Euphonic rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31 May 2006 11:51:58

Here we are now - awesome! Perhaps a short trip to NZ & Australia is due?
31 May 2006 09:49:28
Hi, freu mich schon riesig auf euer neues Album und Hagenwerder!! Hoffe ihr seid mal wieder mehr in der Heimat unterwegs und ne bloß im vorbeifahrn in der Stadt zu sehn...
LG aus Löbau, Jessy ;o)
31 May 2006 03:52:22

Diego Ordoñez Barquero
Just to say... You guys are extremely great!!! Keep on the good work... and whenever you want, Costa Rica can be on a gig.. why not?? :P
30 May 2006 21:33:12
Wielange dauerts noch bis endlich euer neues Album auf den Markt kommt ? Kanns kaum erwarten :D
Grüße von Euren Fans in Bonn.
26 May 2006 18:52:16

Thx for an amazing show in Malmoe, love your music!!! ;)
25 May 2006 18:11:19

saw your show on ministry od spund , here in Malmoe . Great show !! Hot dj´s ;)
25 May 2006 15:53:09


geil set am 24.05.06 auf etn! gibts davon ne playlist? lied 2 rockt richtig!!!
weiter so!

24 May 2006 23:21:03

Adama Anderson
AWESOME MIX ON ETN! I'm here in Baghdad and it's great to hear your stuff here. I love your stuff, been a fan for a few years.
24 May 2006 21:34:23

Arthur Sandersen
wow Walk Down und Kiksu sind ja zwei Megageile
Tracks, ich spiele beide tracks rauf und
runter....Walk Down und Kiksu sind euch echt
gelungen!!!!! Wow
Wann kommt denn die neue Kyau vs. Albert
platte?....und wann kommt das neue Album?
Viele Grüße
euer Arthur
22 May 2006 10:20:30

Hi people .. hi Web-master .. very nice site! Magic number code =656
22 May 2006 00:39:51

L1p3k & Kasumi
Come back to Poland;You were greatest on event Terminal Sound Factory 2005 in Œwiecie/Poland COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 May 2006 16:32:50

jim bragiel
hey love your music listen to it at the firehouse to
relieve stree
19 May 2006 15:49:39
FAO Alan
Was that you who had masses of CD covers? I was the blonde girl in black dress stood next to you. HI
18 May 2006 22:02:58

I spin your tracks constantly... keep em koming!!
18 May 2006 18:29:27

Alan Beards
Hello Guys,
Thanks for a top night last saturday at Passion, was good to see you DJ again, and thanks for signing my cd sleves of your cds that i have.
Keep up the good work, and hopefully u will be back in England again soon.
All the best
17 May 2006 15:07:37

So when are back in England?
Can't wait!
15 May 2006 13:29:54

Hi guys,
I was the girl with danny at Passion, again thanks to chatting to us and the pictures you drew for me LOL.
Your set was amazing, it was my first time to see you and I'll definatly be seeing you again so watch out for me!
Luv ya
Nicci xxxxx
14 May 2006 21:11:08

Djdannyboyextreme (Danny)
Hey guys you rocked Passion last night, Thanks for taking the time aftwer your set to have a chat with me and have a picture done I am the guy that travelled down from south wales, remember I think it was ralph that I was speaking to about Red Rooms back in January.
Anyways thanks again guys and i will see you again for sure (whether in UK or Abroad as you are both THAT GOOD)
Take Care
13 May 2006 20:46:47
Hi guys! Hope to see you in Moscow someday, you're the best!
13 May 2006 20:18:14

Would like to thank you for very much for this interesting site!
12 May 2006 21:56:12

Hey guys!
Hope you consider soon playing in Switzerland !
Keep on doing your style!
11 May 2006 20:08:23

Mads (Denmark)

mads (dot) haugaard (at) gmail (dot) com
Hi guys! Am all excited and can't wait to see/hear you play at the Ministry Of Sound event at Slagthuset@Malmø on may 24.
Woooheee.. gonna be a great party!! ;)
Greets from denmark!
11 May 2006 10:46:56

Very good site, greate content !
10 May 2006 23:28:46

hello I'm Kevin from the Netherlands,can somebody help me with the songtext from 'walk down' ? I think the lines are really great....
10 May 2006 19:28:24

Guys, u have to come to Indonesia!
I'll waiting for ur coming.....
10 May 2006 00:48:16

Hallo Jungs,
bin zwar etwas spät, aber trotzdem nochmal dickes Dankeschön für die zwei klasse Partynächte in Berlin und Offenburg, die wir mit euch feiern durften :) Lange nicht mehr sowas geiles erlebt, es hat einfach alles gepaßt, traumhafte Sets, nette Leute und fantastische Stimmung, was will man mehr ... Weiter so :) Sehen uns dann @ Lovebase ;)
Viele Grüße aus dem Vogtland,
09 May 2006 09:57:37

Guys you need to come over to Dubai. UAE
08 May 2006 14:15:12

Geiler remix von "tracking treasure down". Wollte ihr schon schnell wieder sehen, an der turntables in Holland!!
08 May 2006 11:30:46

Djdannyboyextreme (Danny)
Hi Guys
I think that your producitons are awesome and can't wait to see you spinning at your best @ Passion, Leicester this Saturday....
07 May 2006 06:56:42

Hi, wollt nur mal so erwähnen das der Remix zu "Tracking Treasure Down" echt geil ist :-)
Wer Gabriel & Dresden remixt gehört mit Sicherheit zu zu den ganz Großen!!!
Grüße aus Chemnitz nach Löbau :-)
05 May 2006 15:56:13

Ich wollte Euch mal nen riesen Komplement für eure Releases und die Live-Sets aussprechen!
Ich finde es fantastisch, dass ihr (anscheinend im Gegensatz zu vielen Kollegen) immer noch
Kane - Rain Down On Me
Keep the spirit rising!
Greetz, TK :-)
05 May 2006 08:00:28

Your sounds and lyrics are great! I am listening to your music every day and it makes me feel alive. Come in Romania to enrich us with your sets!
04 May 2006 14:56:08

Hallo Kyau Vs. Albert...
höre gerade Euren DJ Mix vom 07.04.2005.
1. Lustral - Solace (Vornostov & Dorohov Remix)
2. Santiago Nino - Belive (Max Graham Remix)
3. Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved (Seb Fontaine Remix)
4. Ronski Speed - 2day
5. Mirco de Govia & Ronski Speed - Asarja (Ronski Speed Mix)
6. Ayu - Appears (Kyau Vs. Albert Remix)
7. Kaste - Desert Eagle
8. White Water - The Unknown
9. Hammer & Bennett - Language (Santiago Nino Dub Tech)
10. Relic - Cueburner
Gefällt mir immer noch sehr gut :-)
Macht weiter so!
Lieben Gruß
01 May 2006 14:47:31

TonY, Toni_L
I heard BT - The Force of Gravity (Kyau vs. Albert Remix) tune from your dj set and i love it. Is this remix going to be released?
I still think you should release Modulation - Spirits (Kyau vs. Albert Re-work) tune!!!
30 Apr 2006 11:17:19


Walk Down bei den Sunshine-Live Charts!!! :-) Wie geil ist das denn?! BITTE VOTEN!!!
29 Apr 2006 18:11:50

Hey Steven,
find eure neuen Releases sooooo fett !!
Macht weiter so,
Martina aus Frankfurt am Main
(Armada-Night Amsterdam)
28 Apr 2006 10:47:15


26 Apr 2006 02:31:00


rene (at) technoclub (dot) biz
Da muss ich mich doch direkt anschließen und hier endlich, endlich auch mal einen Eintrag reinhauen ;-) Es war ein obergeniales Wochenende mit euch - zuerst Berlin gerockt und dann Offenburg! Absolut Top!! Spätestens im Juni im Asta feiern wir denke ich wieder zusammen!
Greets aus der Nähe von Hanau,
26 Apr 2006 01:06:59

Hallo Ihr Beiden,
auch von mir nochmal ein riesen Lob für Euer einmaliges Set letzten Samstag in Offenburg!!! Es ist immer wieder sooo genial, mit Euch feiern zu können und ich freue mich schon aufs nächste Mal :-)
Liebe Grüße,
24 Apr 2006 18:07:13

Hi guys,
Thank you so much for that brilliant night in Berlin with you, Kyau vs. Albert, and of course Above & Beyond! Thank you for bringing quality trance through your music and your euphonic nights to Germany!
(Maybe) See you in Munich on Friday - but at the latest in Berlin for the Loveparade!
Everyone vote Kyau vs. Albert for the Loveparade at the float!
23 Apr 2006 16:21:06

Hi guys,
it is shame I wasn´t at Euph night in Berlin this weekend.
But I really look forward to your performance at the LOVEPARADE! :))
I will vote for you! See you there, Radka alias trance.girl
23 Apr 2006 15:51:09

hallo ihr beiden,
ich möchte mich im namen von klangfarben ganz herzlich dafür bedanken, dass ihr uns hier in offenburg besucht habt! es war eine unglaubliche party und sicher pädagogisch wertvoll :-)
euphonic rockt, das habt ihr mal wieder gezeigt!
viele grüße aus offenburg, claus
23 Apr 2006 14:34:55

Hy Kyau vs. Albert!!
YOur music is god and my favorite!!!
I listen every time!!!
Kyau vs. Albert - Walk Down The best!!Congratulation! I wish you lot of similar music to the future!!!!
Go! Guys Gooo!!!:-)
23 Apr 2006 02:06:54

cheap fioricet
Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)

22 Apr 2006 12:41:10

Just want to say that you're much better artists than Armin, van dyk, or ferry corsten. You have your own very swing style, every sound is perefectly blend into your trakcs. And YOU DESERVE for first place at dj's ranking. greetings from Gdynia/poland
22 Apr 2006 11:39:53

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Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information...

19 Apr 2006 12:07:47

hey this is allen , i would like to tell you that the song Walk Down is Crazy its been stuck in my head for a very long time and i love it, keep up the good work.
15 Apr 2006 16:20:36

Sarah [Melbourne]
Hey guys!
Had a wonderful time at KvA in Melbourne a few weeks ago, I had such an amazing time that i have decided that i will be flying to Germany for a visit in January 2007!! I hope you will not be on tour ha ha ha!
So... see you in January! <3 <3 <3
11 Apr 2006 21:19:21

Eure erste Euphonic Session im diesen Jahr war super. Und eure neue Single WALK DOWN ist noch geiler. Weiter so, Ihr macht es super,
Hört mal bei uns rein
11 Apr 2006 20:13:26

nic holt
Dig your stuff. If you book in USA east coast chat me up and come to Athens Ga. Cool town tons of fun.
Later, Nic
10 Apr 2006 12:15:11

Wären in Deutschland mehr anspruchsvolle Trancelabels wie das Euphonic-Label, müssten wir uns heutzutage um Trance-Deutschland keine Gedanken mehr machen!
Ihr seid wirklich klasse, eure Musik rockt von mal zu mal mehr! Macht weiter so, dann dürft ihr bald neben PvD Platz nehmen!
06 Apr 2006 19:35:30

Hi there You two !
We really had a great time lasttime. I'm looking forward to see you again in July in Berlin and after that again in "magic" Finland ;)
Next time we gonna have some more sauna & salmiakki...
06 Apr 2006 16:03:59


you already have it :)
Hey guys!
Hope you like the pics I sent you :)
Next time you're in Sydney Ralph we'll make sure you actually get into home nightclub!
And Steven, no doubt we'll end up dancing on top of some 'random' table somewhere!
What was NOT a cat again?
Tania ;p
06 Apr 2006 10:18:21

Hi Ralph und Moebius,
muss mal kurz „Werbung“ machen: :), wegen einem Gästebucheintrag auf eurer Seite :) (seit wann habt ihr denn ein Gästebuch? :) war schon 1-2 Monate nicht mehr auf eurer Seite, keine zeit..., aber ich finde es gut, dass es ein Gästebuch bei euch endlich mal gibt! So können sich auch Fans austauschen! :))
Hi TechnoJo und alle anderen Musiker!
Ich könnte dir vielleicht ne Seite anbieten, die für dich vielleicht interessant sein könnte, bei der ich auch vertreten bin (natürlich unter Trance, als „DeeJayMel“, aber meine Musik.. na ja muss wohl noch einwenig dafür tun :), aber ich brauch mehr zeit, Ideen hab ich genug! Foto ist auch bald online :)): schau dich da mal um (unter Electronica), dort kannst du deine Musik auch Hochladen und, wenn deine Musik gut genug ist, landet die auf den Charts (durch Voting, Downloads, Rezessionen...) und vierteljährlich gibt’s da einen Plattenvertrag. Also wenn du dich sehr anstrengst (und deine Musik ist gut, hab mal auf deine Page geschaut und dann auf!), dann könntest du vielleicht sogar einen Plattenvertrag bekommen, also kräftig mitmachen  viel glück!!!
Ach ja, die Songs, die auf der Page veröffentlicht werden, kannst du dir kostenlos herunterladen, sobald du „Member“ bist! (ein Tipp für alle Voter!!!)
Beachte: Nur 1 Song pro Woche(warum auch immer)!!!
Also wer mitmacht wird belohnt :) und wenn du noch ein paar Fragen hast, dann kannst du dich ruhig an mich wenden, aber ich habe ab Samstag erst mal 2 Wochen „urlaub“ (muss ja auch mal sein :) *grins*) und, wenn du Lust und zeit hast, dann kannst du ja auch nach Berlin oder Offenburg (21./22.4.) kommen, ich bin auf jeden fall dabei!!! :) frag dort einfach mal Ralph und Moebius :) (liebe grüße an dieser Stelle und danke für alles :) auch für die geile Musik!!!), bin da sicherlich auch irgendwo in der Nähe :).
So, das soll’s erst mal gewesen sein, nicht, dass hier noch einer vor dem vielem Text blind wird, oder vor lauter Buchstaben den Text nicht mehr lesen kann (Scherz) :)!
Also dann viel Glück an die Musiker, und die es werden wollen, und viele liebe grüße an Ralph und Moebius! Hab euch ganz dolle lieb! Ihr seid die besten :) (ihr wisst schon warum(Email) :))!!!
05 Apr 2006 11:24:19

ich freu mich schon riesig auf den 21. und 22. (berlin und offenburg), da wird dann die nacht durchgefeiert und ja kein bisschen schlafen, das mach ich dann erst sonntag!!!(hab ja ferien :) ).
ganz ganz liebe grüße aus dem altenburger land an euch, euer wohl größter fan melanie :) *ggg*
04 Apr 2006 22:10:53
Greetings,Great website....
Please visit us
Best regards
The girl next door
04 Apr 2006 17:15:15

Hi Kyau und Albert, ihr macht einfach nur Spitzen-Musik mit professionellen Vocals! Macht nur weiter so!
Ich würde auch gerne mal mit meiner Musik bekannt werden oder zumindest auf CDs zu hören sein, habe in meinem Leben schon über 100 Songs getracked, aber ich weiß nicht, wer sich dafür interessieren könnte. Vielleicht kennt ihr ja jemanden! ;-)
04 Apr 2006 12:28:16

Hey guys, just want to say u played an insane set @ Tonic, Adelaide 31/04/06. Have to say, the energy you give out is amazing. I really hope you come back to Adelaide sometime soon. Was awesome to chat with you after esp steven. Pls come back soon and tear the place apart...again :)
03 Apr 2006 13:26:08
hey ihr beiden, endlich habt ihr auch ein gästebuch! freuen uns schon tierisch auf den 21.04., wird aber auch wirklich mal wieder zeit. album wird mit spannung erwartet, also immer schön im studio rumhängen :)
viele grüße
03 Apr 2006 06:42:07

check this out:
kind regards :-)
03 Apr 2006 04:06:59

Hi, my name is Oskr, I´m from Mexico City and I need say this: your music is wonderful, your tracks "falling anywhere" make feel so good, the beat and the ritm is...and "made of sun " kva dub mix...simply are the best. Only found your songs on "Politics of dancing 2" from Paul Van Dyk (falling anywhere), and "A state of trance 2005" from Armin van Buuren (made of sun). Your albums on CD´s are dificult to find here, in Mexico City, and a wish have all your CD´, really. Oh, you remix to "Find" from ridgewalkers is another great song,...It´s true, i want all your music, can you tell me where can found them. You must export your music to this country, sería grandioso. Take car, your friend and fan, Oskr.
02 Apr 2006 16:33:17

I just wanted to say that you were amazing in Poznan on the 11th of February.
Best regards :)
02 Apr 2006 10:50:12

DJ Contagious
Just want 2 say u guys were amazing at Adelaide... Ur energy, singing along to tunes with us.. OH MY GOD i had a blast!!! I love you guys.. u have to be my favriout trance producers/dj's to date... everything u realese is senfuckinsational..
Nice to chat to you guys after the show too... good to see kyau drinking sum fine Coopers Pale ale beer.. btw i dont think ur an alcholic...
Top night, loved it and i will never forget it!! great work
01 Apr 2006 16:07:44

You guys rocked Adelaide on the 31/03/2006
Thanks for coming down and playing, i hope you enjoyed yourselves, it looked like you did..
Photos up 331-KyauVsAlbertTonic/
pity about the low lighting and the smoke o_O
31 Mar 2006 01:19:04

i'm koras
Your music is fantastic
I was in Poznañ You have played sensational Sometime they let's run else
You will hear genuine music not ear but strangle trance music
30 Mar 2006 20:25:47

NYC Shep

Keep up the good work. Swing on through the big apple some time soon please.
30 Mar 2006 14:59:18

capsula (RU)
If will arrive to Moscow, I shall necessarily come on your performance. You the best!
30 Mar 2006 05:17:30

I am going to see you tomorrow in adelaide... I don't know too much except a tune or two that is on the trancemaster compilations but the signs are good...
Will let everyone know how i went... :-)))))
29 Mar 2006 11:52:56


from holland
hey guys,
if you can't listen to any productions ?
where else can we send new productions to euphonic ?
greetings bart.
29 Mar 2006 10:18:53
Heeellooo! How are you? Just wanted to tell you that we APPRECIATE your investment in music scene! Thank you for the musique...
26 Mar 2006 18:17:46

moin moin kyau vs. albert.
ersteinmal großes lob an eure seite und die musik die ihr macht.geile sache macht weiter so.
die seite ist sehr informatiev und sehr übersichtlich.
richtig gut.ja wünsche euch im weiteren dj leben alles alles gute respect an euch...
würde mich auch von euch über einen eintrag auf meiner hp im meinen gb freuen.
bin gespannt darauf....
tschau und alles gute wünscht der krümelmonster
25 Mar 2006 13:44:36
Ihr macht echt geniale Musik! Richtig gut!
Macht echt Bock das anzuhören...weiter so!
25 Mar 2006 12:15:13

hi jungs, ich liebe eure productionen ob jetzt eigene oder remixe :) ihr habt es drauf. und ich finde euer remix richtig geil von schiller - der tag der läuft bei mir rauf und runter :) macht weiter so ich bin stolz auf eiuch.
ps eure neue scheibe ist auch der ober hammer
25 Mar 2006 09:55:30

Czeœæ Ralph i Steven. Jestem chyba pierwsz¹ osob¹ która do was pisze z Polski, wiec co mi tam napisze po polsku.Bardzo podoba mi sie wasz styl tworzenia muzyki tanecznej. Sam mam GEMA wk-3 i robiê muzykê Trance, wydaje mi sie ze na podobnym poziomie jak wy. Fajnie by by³o stworzyæ kiedyœ wspólny kawa³ek. Jak chcecie odpisaæ (jeœli w ogóle tu zagl¹dacie :D) to poda³em maila. Pozdrowienia z Gdyni :)
23 Mar 2006 23:25:01

Hi guys :) cant wait till you hit Adelaide on the 31'st. Hope you enjoy your time in Aus! See you front and centre :)
19 Mar 2006 21:04:22
Wann kommt die Playlist zu Eurem Set bei
Euphonic Sessions vom 02-03-2006
19 Mar 2006 18:09:48

Kyau vs. Albert - Walk Down (KvA Hard Dub) endlich mal wieder ne gänsehaut. DANKE JUNGS!!!!!!!!!
lg stuermer
19 Mar 2006 15:57:38

Servus Jungs!
Eure Tracks sind meiner Meinung nach die besten im ganzen Genre.
Weiter so!
19 Mar 2006 12:00:53

Skye Easton
Hi Guys,
Loved your Sydney Set, You both played some awesome tunes. Thanks Ralph for spending time after the show to chat. Hope to see you sometime soon.
17 Mar 2006 14:15:19

new singel walk down is really amazing!!!
best regards from czech republic!
15 Mar 2006 19:37:58

Hi ihr beiden! Wir haben uns im Oktober in Paderborn unterhalten villeiht könnt ihr euch erinnern Ralph zumindest,ich war der aus Gütersloh mit dem schwarzen Euphonic shirt!
Mein Bruder und ich kommen nach Berlin zur Euphonic Night um mal wieder mit euch zu feiern!!!
Gruß Thomas
13 Mar 2006 18:54:48
You are the best !!
Best regards!
10 Mar 2006 12:34:27

Hi Ralph & Steven!
I can't wait to see You in Berlin on 21.04.2006. I'll see You for the 7th time live, nice score, isn't it ?:)
Can't wait to Your new single, it's great!
09 Mar 2006 15:10:19

Hi guys,
Thanks for the terrific gig at club Uniq yesterday, what a set! <3 It was definitely worth staying up and dancing like crazy on a Wed night. Good luck with your projects and hope to see you in Finland soon again :)
btw loved your previous set in Helsinki as well!
08 Mar 2006 20:13:05

lob für eure neue produktion "walk down"! bekomme gänsehaut bei der melo und den vocals!!! hab da mal noch ne frage??? :( könntet ihr, wenn möglich, mir event. die lyrics schicken...? das wäre echt super. vielen dank im voraus. mfg daniel
08 Mar 2006 14:03:49

Serge Untech
"helpful guest" I think that they`re know english good enough =) But, maybe you`re right..
I think I just need to send a link to my demos, and don`t attach them to e-mail...
08 Mar 2006 13:26:00

helpful guest

They probably mean they cant listen to EVERY tape they get.
(any=irgendein/alle, every=jedes)
Those Saxonian Germans and their English ;)
08 Mar 2006 00:21:19

Just wanna say KvA is ripping it up! Huge fan of Walk Down , Save Me, Made of Sun...Congrats guys!! Is there any chance you can post lyrics for walk down? or if anyone knows them?
thanks guys
Hope to see u in CANADA
07 Mar 2006 21:07:43

Serge Untech
Why can`t you listen a demo?
You don`t wan it, or there`s too many demos? =)
I just wanted that you tell me my mistakes.. Or just get an e-mail answer from you. that would be amaizing =)
Anyway, thanks for your answer here!!
07 Mar 2006 05:28:32

g'day! welcome to Sydney bros
05 Mar 2006 12:22:04

Greetings to you guys!!! I just want to thank you from all Russian clubbers for your talent.
I think you should visit our country!
We will be expecting you!
04 Mar 2006 23:59:18
2 weeks in Australia/New Zealand! You're well worth it guys, extraordinary tracks lately. Can't wait until I got your new album...kepp it up guys!
04 Mar 2006 10:32:41

Serge Untech
You`re god damn great!! =)
I need to say that you are really professional composers..
Oh, why aren`t you answering to my e-mails? =)
02 Mar 2006 22:23:00

hallo ihr zwei,
irgendwie scheint das gästebuch von den besuchern noch nicht entdeckt worden zu sein :)
freue mich sehr, dass euphonic am 22.april nach offenburg kommt. hier läuft alles schon auf hochtouren und es wird gewiss eine 1a party!
die besten grüße aus offenburg sendet euch
01 Mar 2006 17:17:03

Christopher Garrido
You guys rock!! Come to Miami or Atlanta, please! Long live great dance music!
01 Mar 2006 07:52:36

Am I the first guest?
I want to say many thanks for the crazy music, that you've made in the last
years! It's great to see you on stage and to make party with you!
You both are incredible producers and you have the sense what good music has
to have!
Go forward! I wish you of hearts all good for future!
Isa :-)
28 Feb 2006 14:58:05

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